Power Quadrant System Review 2021 – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Did you ever feel the eagerness to achieve a greater disposition in life? There may be some time that the closest person to your life will tell you that success in life is inherited. Your genes will reveal what you can achieve. Then, it is time for you to explore the Power Quadrant System

Power Quadrant System

You might think that this sounds hypothetically far to be true. Well, I also thought the same thing. I don’t want you to miss out on every detail about this program, so please visit the power quadrant system site for a more exciting discovery. If you can relate to these hesitations, you might have career anxiety.

  • Do I doubt about the future, particularly my career life?
  • Am I satisfied and grateful for my accomplishments in my everyday living?
  • Can I see where my profession will go and not be miserable of how I see my future?
  • Am I determined to go to work early in the morning without feeling depressed?

Giving you an honest review of the Power Quadrant System required me to experience it before concluding that it is a scam personally. I do not want to be boastfully telling you that I achieved my dreams and that the calculations were all perfect. But believe me or not, it helped me. I became more positive in life, and it unlocked the energy reserved that I have. 

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Wait, did I say calculations? Oh, forgive me for giving you terms to confuse you. As you click on this link you’ll find that the Power Quadrant System mainly talks about positive energy and how you can be a positive thinker. Let’s dig it deeper by discussing first what it is all about. 

What is the Power Quadrant System?

Ric and Liz are the makers of the Power Quadrant System. These people believe with human beings and that their success is coded in their DNA. And using calculations from an ancient calendar, they find a person can manipulate their lives and the outcome of the decisions they make.

The calendar is known to be prehistoric, and during the Roman reign, it is said to have lost its existence and replaced by Caesar’s calendar, which we are using up to this day.

In the calendar that we are using today, Ric and Liz said that there are few flaws to it. In the Power Quadrant System, they explained that our new calendar missed an entire moon cycle. And that Caesar rounded a whole year off in 10 days and considered that October is the 8th month of the year. You can check yourself by clicking on this link. Get your copy at a lower price.

Behind that ancient calendar is spiritual healing, which is their primary goal. Along with this goal is making an individual realize their potential and how to control the energy around them.

What’s in it?

The Power Quadrant System will reveal the details in your life and what kind of person you are as well as your characteristics and the life that you must work on. Within 53 minutes, it will discuss every single aspect of your life. Here are the topics in detail:

  • The program will help you determine if the career you chose is for you.
  • It also contains the details about your partner or what qualities you must look after in committing yourself to your partner.
  • It boldly shows your real purpose in life and what kind of profession you should pursue. 
  • The program will go deeper into details about your children if you have. They also determine their codes and how you can help your children along the way.
  • It also gives you a list of people you should work with and the people you should avoid.
  • If you are going into arguments with someone, you will further understand how to minimize it and why it occurs through the Power Quadrant System.
  • You will know the secret codes between the relationship that you have with your partner and his actions.

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The best tips and methods for a happy and peaceful relationship are discussed in Power Quadrant System. Together with the careers, talents, and unique gifts that you have and how to manage them. The program is an audio track that lasts for 53 minutes. You can check the audio files here. Everything we need to know is here, including the ancient calendar and the energy reserves.

To sum it up, the program is focused on significant things which are your professional life and your love life. As for me, the codes I learned showed the type of people I should be with because they will affect how I will walk on through my journey. They either support me or will harm my decisions.

The audio track has also mentioned the color system that gives category to different people. It also revealed my partner’s attitude or better said, code, and why we end up in an argument sometimes.

There are some aspects which the program has been so accurate, and there are some that fall into disappointments. However, the pack includes bonuses that I am grateful for.


The audio track of the Power Quadrant System includes two free books. The first book is about how to change your mind, which can also change your life concept. And the other one is like a planner, an action blueprint that will teach you how to implement different principles in life.

Real-life legends club test drive

The program comes with free VIP access to the club. This one-time interview will allow you to talk to the biggest names in the personal development industry.

You will have a chance to hear the life story of these inspiring people. The site contains more than 46 interviews where each interview will inspire you at your maximum level.

Of course, Power Quadrant System review will not be completed without mentioning its pros and cons. Here are the things you should know about the program in both positive and negative aspect:


  • It comes with useful bonuses.
  • Will help you to have a more positive attitude to look forward to in your life.
  • It Will let you know the importance of energy around you.
  • Will teach you the ancient calendar that helps decode your DNA.


  • It does not show any scientific evidence.
  • Not all assumptions are accurate.

The program that serves as a guide has fantastic benefits for you. Here are the aspects that Power Quadrant System can help you improve and understand better:


The audio track will help you know the things you should consider in your career. It will give you an idea of the things that you should do to change your track. There are some people, and it may include you who need answers to make a clearer vision of the path you should walk through in your profession. Click on the link to get the Power Quadrant System, you will have the chance to identify your strengths and the solutions to the problems you are in right now.

Purpose Driven

Working is a big deal if a person detects his/her real goal. Most of the time, there’s no effectiveness to a person’s work because that person is not meant to do it. The audio track of Power Quadrant System will help you evaluate yourself. There are things that will be cleared to you if you must continue doing it or not.

Interests affected by Power Quadrant System

As you keep listening to the audio, you will be able to identify your interests. The things that will make you happy and not will be enlightened. Along with the identification of your interests, your interactions with others will be better. 

Building a healthy relationship with your partner through the spouse’s code

A relationship with your partner is vital. And to have a better relationship, you must understand your partner. The content of the ancient calendar has to do with it. You will detect the codes of your partner after listening to the audio. And upon learning from it, you can avoid problems that will test your relationship in the future. 

Where does it fail?

The Power Quadrant System has its weakest point. And that weakness is that it is not reliable for science. The principles of the teachings from the audio track are only based on the inscription of an ancient calendar from a stone tablet. Any of its claims have no scientific proof. Lots of the theories might be accurate, particularly with the codes of personality types, but there are still some wrong assumptions.

Stages of career anxiety

For so many people who suffer with it, anxiety is an exhausting condition. The Australian National University research showing that being in the wrong profession or job is worse than having no job at all.

I believe that if you have mild signs of having this anxiety, you don’t want it to reach the 3rd phase. Being in the 3rd phase of professional anxiety has the effect of making you paralyzed that you can’t even work. 

The Power Quadrant System will help you to identify your problem and where you must build yourself again by unlocking the coding of your DNA. The program is designed to point out the causes of your professional anxiety. Whether you don’t want your job or you are stuck to a position, and you are not getting a raise or a promotion, you can discover it with this program. There is three-stage to this depressive stage according to the Oxford Program:

  1. Career Dissatisfaction.
  2. Career Demotivation.
  3. Profession Paralysis

My Realization Upon Reading This Program

At first, I was in doubt about this program. But upon trying this on my own, I get to know myself better. I was able to evaluate the things that I must improve about myself. Also, it guided me on how to have a better relationship with the people around me. Then, I found out that the reviews I read before were real. They helped lots of people, and now, it includes me. 


What is the Power Quadrant System?

The Power Quadrant System mainly talks about positive energy and how you can be a positive thinker. Behind the ancient calendar is spiritual healing, which is their primary goal. Along with this goal is making an individual realize their potential and how to control the energy around them.

What are the benefits of Power Quadrant System?

The program is focused on important things, which are your professional life and your love life. The audio track will help you understand the things you should consider in your career. The Power Quadrant System will help you evaluate yourself. As you continue listening to the audio, you will be able to identify your interests. And you will detect the codes of your partner to understand him/her better to avoid arguments.

‍Is the Power Quadrant System a scam?

The Power Quadrant System is a guide that comes with bonuses. As I did my honest review, I, therefore, realize that it is not a scam. Hence a suitable material to improve your integrity and vision in life. 

Are you lost in life? Try Power Quadrant System!

Having no clear vision of where to go in your journey in life and what career path you want to be is terrible. And what makes the feeling worse is having nothing to do with it. Try the Power Quadrant System and see how it will affect your life. 

I didn’t intend to do this review just to advertise the product but also to help the people who lost their motivation and wanted to have changed. As I use this program to do what will make me happy and what will give me a better future, I hope you will too!

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