The Lost Book of Remedies Review 2021 – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Mother Nature has indeed given us everything we need to be able to survive. Modern technology has kept us away from nature so much that sometimes we just ignored how generous it is. We are lucky that some people still have a belief in mother nature. They continue to roll knowledge and information on future generations.

The Lost Book of Remedies is like your treasure chest of medication that is provided by Mother Nature. As we were living in an advanced era, some of us are still looking for natural treatment. This book will not only reveal the herbal remedy, but it also allows you to recognize the medicinal plants. You will be surprised that even the common weeds have their therapeutic properties. The Lost Book of Remedies will be unquestionably helpful in many ways, and it will educate you a lot.

The Lost Book Of Remedies

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What is The Lost Book of Remedies

This book is undoubtedly accessible. It has details about which plants are medicinal, plant life, the potential of the plant, plant extract, complete knowledge of plant that is used for medicinal purposes, and much more.

The book also has pictures so you can quickly identify the specific plant and not be confused with the other plants. Also, it will give you awareness of which plants are safe to eat and which are not. As if you are exploring a jungle to learn which one you can eat and to avoid. You can easily improve your lifestyle by buying this book from their official website.

More of them are weeds, sometimes you rarely see. That’s why the author includes a suggestion on how you can have them in your garden. Additionally, you will learn how to harvest these plants and preserve them for upcoming usage.

The most significant benefit of having this book is you can cure disease without any cost. All you need is this book to know how to identify the remedial plant, find the plant, and make your own medicine. The medicinal plants are useful and effective with no side effects. These are just like advanced medicine. This book will assist you in understanding better what the plants are all about. Talking about a natural cure, Keto Resource Review can help you out with some healthy diet plans.

The Lost Book of Remedies – Overview

Sections in the Book:

  • List of species – Tells you about the species that detoxify your body and protect from viral infections
  • Remedies – Tells you how to prepare remedies to give solutions to your problems
  • Health & Related Tips – Tells you how to protect yourself from sickness like cold, cough, Asthma, etc.

Author of The Lost Book of Remedies

Claude Davis is the man behind this creativity. He is a doctor and an expert in survival. You can say that The Lost Book of Remedies is a natural treasure, the fact that his grandfather was also a doctor that handled the soldiers in World War 2.

Based on Author Dr. Claude Davis, this knowledge is vital to reveal for the world to have a healthy lifestyle. He also wrote more books that discuss living and natural ingredients that exist in our society.

features of the lost book of remedies

Claude was disappointed by the fact that in this century people are lack survival skills. Also, he wants people to learn and know various remedies that are thousands of years old and are still useful. That is when he determined to create this conscious, easy to understand, and favorable resource for survival. He has put all his understanding and research into the survival secrets and skills in the Lost Book of Remedies.

How Does The Lost Book of Remedies Work

As with all-natural remedies, the treatments take time and require a bit of patience. Don’t expect to be instantly cured the moment you try out one of the solutions!

What you can enjoy about them is the beautiful feeling of no side effects, unlike those you got when using regular medicine like drowsiness, headaches, etc. Make sure you do follow the guide and study the contents carefully before trying it out for yourself.

Price of The Lost Book of Remedies

It is available at $37 only. The book is available online on their official website. Also, it is available on Amazon and eBay! However, it is recommended to purchase this book from their official site to enjoy special discounts. It offers a money-back guarantee if you purchase from their official site.

Get this book and additional books on the health conditions from the official website

Benefits of the Book

One of the main objectives of The Lost Book of Remedies is to help in curing the various types of diseases naturally using natural ingredients and remedies. The healing process may take much time. The good thing is you will only consume the herbs and plants rather than the chemicals or salts.

the lost book of remedies-cover

This book also has some remedies that can help to cure chronic diseases like cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and other disorders. It is a bliss to find this information related to plants, herbs, and remedies today in The Lost Book of Remedies.

1. Written by Certified Doctors

The book is documented and written by certified doctors and professional herbalists. It is easy to read and easy to understand. Remedies are 100% natural. 

2. Healing with Herbs

It prevents a lot of chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma, chronic body pain, and so on with the help of herbs. You can make the remedies at home by following the book. 

3. Personal Health Care

It can prevent you from various types of illnesses including infection, blood sugar, asthma. It offers a natural cure and herbal remedies for your illness. Using this book, you can have your homemade medicinal remedies.

4. Potential of Plants

You have a chance to know the benefits of the different spices, herbs, and weeds that you see in your everyday life. The next thing you will notice is the process of each plant as medication. Few of the plants work as a dressing—some need to be cooked or boiled. 

5. Knowledge of Herbs

You will notice several categories, such as types and locations of plants. This will help you to recognize the plants and what exactly they can do easily. You don’t get lost in the process because it also contains the image of the plants so you won’t get hesitant.

6. Knowledge About Plants

This lost book is not limited to plant remedies. It also includes awareness about medicinal herbs. It will teach you how every part of the plant can be used as a remedy, from the trunk, fruits, and even the roots that can all be used for curing and survival. 

7. Herbal Medicines for Health Issues

The book shows how herbs can have positive effects on our body in healing health issues. From cold to cough, Asthma to cancer, people can prevent any chronic disease by consuming natural plant remedies. 

Downsides of The Book

There is no disadvantage in the Lost Book of Remedies. No undesirable side effects can be found. However, we would like to inform you about some information before you buy this book.

1. Not for All

Though the book has natural healing plants and common treatments, however, it may not work for everyone in the same way. As our bodies are different, even herbal plants can affect differently on different bodies. So, before you try the remedies, keep that in your mind that it may take more time to show results for you.

2. Slow Process

the book of remedies

Preparing remedies from natural plants and then apply them for healing can take a longer time than normal medicines. Some of the plants take time to grow and the process of making an extract from them takes even more time. It is a slow process and may get slower depends on the nature of the plants. 

3. Non-accessible Plants

Some of the plants mentioned in the book are not accessible for many people. Because they are only available in the forest. So, it will be difficult for many people to get those plants. 

Things to Remember About The Book of Remedies

We just want to inform you that this lost book is not a magical cure for all your diseases and illnesses. If you already have a prescription from a health professional, it would be best to follow the doctor’s advice since he knows more about your medical condition and history.

This serves as a supplement to help you to recover faster. In some cases, it may result in a complete cure of your ailments, and some remedies may help to relieve any pain or discomfort.


This book is no doubt one of the best remedy books available. It is recommended to get the book and enjoy the advantages of nature. The book of remedies shares vast knowledge on properties of plants, power of plants, medicinal plants and their strong effect on our health conditions along with health benefits we can get from a variety of plants. Get your copy from the official site now!


Where can I avail of this book?

You can download the book at the official website, Amazon, or eBay in a pdf file or eBook.

How much does it cost?

The book will only cost you $37.

Is this Legit or Scam?

This book is Legit. It works excellently. Big pharmaceutical corporates are trying to kill all the information as it affects their business.
You have to apply it perfectly and follow the instructions for better results.

The Bottom Line

If you are someone who wants to get rid of those expensive treatments and medications, then The Lost Book of Remedies is absolutely the right book for you. It offers a money-back guarantee as well.

Overall the book is a marvelous read and will open your eyes to the natural remedy and better health without those side effects from prolonged drug use. If you believe in the power of nature and love gardening and growing your herbs, then you’re going to love this book! What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

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