1K A Day Fast Track Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Have you always dreamt of earning $1000 a day? Do you want to spend more time with your family without compromising your financial goals? If yes, then take time to this review on 1K A Day Fast Track and see if this one will work for you.

1K A Day Fast Track

1K A Day Fast Track Review

1K A Day Fast Track is the fastest and easiest way to earn money by using the internet, precisely, simple Email Marketing strategies. The training program offers a chance to attend a free 90-minute webinar before you actually register for the 6-week course. Click here to attend the training webinar for free!

The concepts highlighted in this free webinar incredibly transform your mindset towards online business and income generation possibilities. It takes you on a journey right from, how you can build interesting polls to building a 25,000+ list of emails and effortlessly making you tons of commission each time someone buys products from your links.

This 1K A Day Fast Track program has already helped so many people achieve their financial freedom without having to invest in any kind of asset. If you are motivated enough then this training program can surely help you achieve your financial goals as well. Let’s find out more detail from this review.

Title1K A Day Fast Track
CreatorMerlin Holmes
CategoryInternet Marketing
PriceClick Here To Check The Price
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Fast Track Cash?

Fast Track Cash is the easiest way to earn cash online, spending only a few hours a week. Regardless if you don’t have a technical background or any experience in the online marketing business, or don’t own any website, blog, or product. Earning profits through email here depends on your expertise in ultimate Affiliate Marketing.

According to many, 1K A Day Fast Track reviews, an online affiliate marketing business is ideal for students, homemakers, retired employees, and working professionals, especially online marketers who want to earn hefty part-time income. More importantly, it suits well those who are willing to quit their current jobs to start their own business and achieve financial freedom.

How does 1K A Day Fast Track work?

A recent study on user behavior on cold emails shows that about 5.6 billion active email accounts existed in 2019 and more than 90% of email users checked their emails every day.

About 50% of these users checked their emails more than 10 times a day. Emails have become a unique identity for every one of us. Surely, there is huge business potential in Email Marketing even in 2022.

The system follows simple email marketing concepts. The training program ensures the members become an expert in building an extensive email list (>25, 000+) without creating a product, content, or anything by themselves.

You just need to follow these five simple steps that are clearly explained in the training program to kick start your journey towards earning 1k per day.

Step 1: Find out what is mostly being bought

Merlin Holmes’ 1k A Day Fast Track teaches how you understand the market by knowing the products that are being bought the most online and where they are being sold using different online platforms. You need to create a list of all these popular products and target each of them in the most creative way.

Step 2: Catch the headline that’s working

Popular products become popular as they are marketed with catchy headlines. 1K A Day Fast Track teaches you how to pick those saleable headlines and turn them into curious questions. The curiosity that surrounds the product surely brings heavy traffic to your system and a high probability of conversion into actual sales.

Step 3: Poll template

The curious questions are fused with the brilliance of this program. The poll template captures the email addresses of all users who participate in the polls. There is a psychology behind getting people attracted to the polls.

Also, Mass Mentality is the reason people are always interested in the opinion of others. These two factors are creatively fused when creating polls.

Step 4: Offer to a subscriber

The next step is to send emails to the captured email list with attractive offers on the popular and trending products and get paid with hefty commissions every time the user makes a purchase.

Through this training program, you will learn how to automate the entire commission-generating process which will pay you for the coming years.

Step 5: Continue adding 500-1000 more emails per day

1K A Day Fast Track training focuses on how you can easily add 500-1000 emails every day to your email list. The final step is to repeat the above steps with newer polls, sending emails for newer products to all the existing and new users you keep adding every day.

About 1K A Day Fast Track Creator

Merlin Holmes from Denver, Colorado has created this unique 1k A Day Fast Track Training Program. He created his first-ever website in 2005 and earned over $200,000 from it.

Merlin Holmes has over 15 years of rich experience in the online marketing business and over these years, he has generated over $150,000,000 in revenue from his different online marketing businesses.

Merlin Homes is a leading business consultant to various billion-dollar companies. He generates around $14,444 per day from his exclusive email marketing strategies and he is now teaching his learning from his 15 years of hard work to all those who are serious about making money online.

How much is 1K A Day Fast Track?

The specially curated 1K A Day Fast Track six-week training program has a market value of $25,000. It comes with seven bonuses which are mentioned below:

  • Proven landing page template
  • Secret thank you page cash generator script
  • Full Email Templates, and Training
  • Titan of the traffic training system
  • Phone consultation Service
  • Ads pack and dollar bump
  • Partner support

It also provides FREE 2nd login for your partner. The combined market value of the bonuses is $12,782. However, you can have all these at a very low price if you join through the 90 minutes 1K A Day Fast Track Webinar, which is completely free of cost. You can also sign up for the free webinar by clicking on this link.

Additionally, a secret FedEx package will also be sent to your doorstep a few days after you join the program.

What can you expect to learn from the 1K A Day Fast Track?

The 1k A Day Fast Track training program is a comprehensive six-week affiliate email marketing course designed to enable its users to earn money by creating polls and sending emails to interested buyers and get a commission on every purchase made through the email links.

What does this program teach you to master?

1K A Day Fast Track will teach you the following skills:

  • Create and release psychologically-motivated polls that encourage people to participate and share their emails with you. The program is well designed to bring out your creative side to intelligently create polls and drive traffic towards your links.
  • Generate “Thank you page Cash Generator Script”. This is an important step in completing your poll.
  • Write suitably-targeted-email sequences with the most attractive product offers. While most of us write emails in our daily lives for personal and professional needs, the training program gives special attention to marketing emails to develop the precision of writing and sending appropriately worded emails to your potential buyers.
  • Earn commissions through email links and ad packs. Merlin Holmes has spent thousands of dollars on designing the perfect ad structure that works. You will get exclusive access to these ad packs as part of this course at no extra cost.
  • Bring huge traffic to your ads, posts, etc. There is a traffic laboratory tool, which is made available to you through the 1K A Day Fast Track program to learn how to drive heavy traffic.
  • Learn everything about the ClickBank account.
  • Start earning from Facebook ads without having to pay those high per click costs via various social media marketing tools.
  • Generate additional income from partnership profits. All tricks will be shared with you in detail.
  • Develop a profitable Digital Marketing Funnel Model. This will help you gain a competitive edge, which is required to succeed in the online marketing business.
  • Send emails to 1000 buyers with just a click. The best thing about the course is to bring everything on automation. You need not scan through your 25, 000+ Email list. 1K A Day Fast Track ensures that the scanning and sending of emails happen with just one click.

You will learn everything mentioned above during the six weeks training program as discussed in detail below:

Week 1: You will learn about Day Marketing Master’s Degree and how to get your first $400 in 1K A Day Fast Track commissions.

These will be covered in this module:

  1. A welcome kit about the highlights of the course content and the associated timelines.
  2. A quick run-through of the course.
  3. A detailed discussion of all the required system settings.
  4. Know the perfect mindset required for this kind of business and teaching methods to develop the right mindset in you.
  5. Learn all about ClickBank, how to register, and start using your account.
  6. Know about your risk and earnings appetite.
  7. Learn everything about the commission links, how to generate and earn effortlessly.

Week 2: Setting up newer commission accounts and listing out the most popular products being bought online

The following will be covered in this module:

  1. A quick introduction.
  2. Science and psychology behind the polls.
  3. Building your first poll.
  4. Learn about ClickFunnels Poll Walkthrough (Part 1)
  5. Learn about ClickFunnels Poll Walkthrough (Part 2)
  6. Customize your domain.
  7. Customize your poll landing page.
  8. Mandatory privacy and terms page setup.
  9. Customize your loading page.

Week 3: Release of your first psychologically motivated poll.

These are included in this module:

  1. An introduction.
  2. know your email system.
  3. How to set up your SendLane 1
  4. Set up your new email address to the SendLane.
  5. Linking your SendLane to your ClickFunnels account.
  6. Create Email Templates (Part 1)
  7. Create Email Templates (Part 2)
  8. Create an automated email set up.
  9. Update your SendLane.

Week 4: Bringing Automation to everything you do.

These will be discussed in this Module:

  1. Introduction.
  2. An in-depth review of ClickBank.
  3. Create CPA networks and offers.
  4. What are your competitive edges?
  5. Releasing mind-blowing offers.

Week 5: Developing your first ad campaign.

The following will be covered in this Module:

  1. Quick introduction.
  2. All about properly driving the traffic.
  3. The science behind traffic and conversion rates.
  4. All tools required for traffic generation.

Week 6: Planning out future income sources

Learn the following in this module:

  1. Plan future possibilities for generating income in online marketing businesses from newer and better resources.
  2. Know your secret tool.

At the end of this 6-week training program, you will have enough tools and strategies to excel in the online marketing business while you sit comfortably at your home.

Pros and Cons of 1K A Day Fast Track Training Program


  • Easy to understand the money-making system based on proven email marketing strategies.
  • Consistent track record with sales high conversion rate. Makeup to $400 in 24 hours.
  • The overall package includes the six-week training and seven high-value bonuses with a total market value of $37,782, the most affordable and value for money training in the online marketing business currently.
  • 24/7 online customer support.

NOTE: Receive a second login for FREE for your business partner, spouse, or friend, so they can 1k daily as well.


  • This training program does not guarantee overnight success.

NOTE: You have to complete the six-week training


Can the payment be made through PayPal?

Yes, you can purchase this course through Paypal and repay in six months after your purchase. However, it is only limited to customers from the USA.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy. This purchase is risk-free.

Am I eligible for the bonus packages when I enroll for the training program?

Yes, provided you make your purchase after availing the free 90-minutes 1K A Day Fast Track webinar and your payment should be completed within the first 50 minutes after the end of the webinar.

How long will it take for me to start earning 1K daily after the training?

It depends on how dedicated you are towards following the steps recommended in the training program. If you sincerely follow the teachings of the training program, you can achieve your financial targets comfortably.

Are there any hidden charges?

To start implementing the strategies of this training program you need to invest in a domain name, which costs approximately $10-$15 and get a ClickFunnel subscription that costs approximately $97. Lastly, you would need to invest in the ad packs.

Can I download the course content?

Yes, you can download the modules and learn at your convenience.

Is there a way I can personally get email affiliate marketing courses or coaching from Merlin Holmes?

Yes, if you register for the free 1k A Day Fast Track webinar and you’re one of the first five program purchases in that webinar, then you get one hour of personal coaching from Merlin Holmes where you can share your problems with him and he will help you resolve them


The 1K A Day Fast Track training program is a new business model that helps you create your own completely automated system to generate money online in just five simple steps. Money-making cannot get any easier than this, which requires only a few hours per week.

The most remarkable thing about this business model is that anyone, even those without any technical knowledge, can replicate and scale up this business to his or her financial appetite. There is no limit on the amount of money you can generate with this business model. All you need to do is create polls and send emails.

However, I must mention that it is certainly not a quick scheme because it requires a 100% commitment from you. Its success directly depends on how sincere you are in applying the steps taught in the training program.

I know many who have benefitted from this and I have not found any other system to be as simple as this. I believe this business model has the potential to change your life and those people around you. Get your income goals, monthly income, income claims, mode of income, and household income up! thousands of people has benefitted from this comprehensive module/introductory module.

It is one of the best online courses you can make use of, and which can help you earn massive amounts of money. This is one of the cheaper alternatives!

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