EZ Battery Reconditioning Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Humans have relied on batteries for electricity much longer than electric generators and electric grids. Despite being an old technology, batteries have evolved alongside new technology. Today, batteries come in different shapes and sizes to provide power for any device!

Ez Battery Reconditioning

The use of batteries, however, produces electronic and chemical wastes that are harmful to the environment. What if we told you that you could revive those old batteries to make them work like new? In this review, we’re going to take a look at the EZ Battery Reconditioning program and how it could be beneficial to you and the environment. 

EZ Battery Reconditioning Overview

Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson created the EZ Battery Reconditioning program. It is a step-by-step guide for the ones who want to recondition their batteries. After learning how to recondition batteries and saving thousands of dollars from it, they decided to create this program so that others could do the same.

One of the great things about this program is that you don’t have to be a battery expert to use their manual. Tom and Frank made the instructions easy enough so that even if you’re a beginner, by clicking here you can extend the life of your batteries at home.


  1. Learn something new. Purchasing your copy program allows you to learn new things and new skills. You can learn how a battery works, what causes it to run out of energy, and how you could extend its life.
  2. Save money. One of the key advantages of this program is it saves you a lot of money by extending the battery life. You do not have to buy new batteries every time they lose power. While this may seem like a small cost, think about how much you are saving in the long term.
  3. Start a business out of it. Aside from saving a ton of money in the long term, you could also start a business out of reconditioning old batteries. This is a great way to generate profit out of what others consider waste.
  4. Save the environment. There’s already so much waste on our planet, and we wouldn’t want to add more to that. By learning how to extend your battery life, you’re producing less electronic and chemical waste.
  5. 60-day money-back guarantee. Unlike other programs out there, the creators of the EZ Battery Reconditioning program offers a 60-day refund. If you are not satisfied with their program, you’ll get a 100% refund.


  1. The program requires safety precautions. While the methods used in this program looks simple, you still have to observe all safety precautions. You have to work with safety gear and in an open or adequately ventilated area.
  2. No printed version available. Unfortunately, the program is only offered in the digital version. This means that unless you have a printer at home, you need to use an electronic device to view the contents of the manual.
  3. No videos included. Unfortunately, this manual does not have videos to show you the process. However, the manuals do have detailed instructions and photos to help you through the process.

How Does It Work?

Tom and Frank’s program works for nine different types of batteries. For each type, they have provided detailed instructions on how to recondition them. To get the program you can click on this link here! Their program has four major steps which are:

  1. Remove the battery that you want to recondition. If the battery is still placed in your car or other electronic devices, you must first remove it carefully. Make sure that you’re following safety precautions. This includes reminders such as turning off the device, removing wired connections, and not touching the battery acid with your bare hands.
  2. Clean the battery. Before you get to recondition them, it’s essential to clean batteries with tools like steel wool or an abrasive brush. These remove residues that have built up during usage.
  3. Check if the battery can be reconditioned. This step involves tools like a multimeter and hydrometer to check the condition of the battery. Please note that not all batteries are good candidates for reconditioning. Tom and Frank explain this further in the manual.
  4. Reconditioning the battery. After determining if the battery can still be saved, you can use the two methods that are discussed in the manual.

Methods Used in EZ Battery Reconditioning

The manual discusses two ways how you can recondition your old batteries to make them work like new. These are:

  1. Equalization. You can recondition old lead-acid cells with the process called equalization. Frank’s unique method is based on how sulfation occurs when lead and sulfuric acid react.
  2. Use of a chemical additive. Another method you’ll learn in this guide is removing sulfation with a chemical additive. The manual will explain how to use these chemicals and a high-frequency device that you will use in this process.

Are these recondition methods valid?

At this point, you might be wondering, “Are these methods valid?” The reconditioning methods we’ve discussed above are based on scientific studies and published journals. Here are the key takeaways from those published papers:

  • Sulfation is a common cause of lead-acid battery failures and shortens their life span. To understand how sulfation works, we must also understand how various battery models work and how sulfation affects it.
  • By reconditioning batteries through desulfation, you can increase the cell capacity of some batteries by 41%.
  • Putting certain chemical additives to a lead-acid battery, you could prolong battery life and decrease sulfation. This study looked into synthetic lignins and barium sulfate.

What’s Included in the Package?

When you purchase your copy of the EZ Battery Reconditioning program, you will surely get the best value for your money. The creators will give you more than the main manual, and you will get these immediately after you complete the payment.

Main Items in the EZ Battery Reconditioning

You will get nine different reconditioning guides in this package. These manuals cover different types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, laptop battery, lithium-ion batteries, forklift batteries, marine batteries, and many more.

Bonus Items

Aside from the main manuals, you will also get bonuses included in your package:

  • How to Start a Battery Business at Home. In this bonus book, Frank will show you how to earn money from reconditioning batteries. Frank shares his secrets of running a successful business out of your new-found skills.
  • Double the Life of Your Batteries. This guide discusses all the tips and tricks you need to double your battery life before you even need to recondition them.
  • Lifetime access to updates. New technologies require new types of batteries. Aside from the main manuals, you also get lifetime access to updates and new reconditioning guides coming from the authors themselves.

Is the Program Legit?

Tom and Frank’s EZ Battery Reconditioning program has helped hundreds of people save up money by extending the life of their batteries. Their program is popular on the Internet and has already appeared on numerous TV channels in the US, such as Fox News and CNN.

As we’ve mentioned before, this program will only work for batteries that are still in good condition. If your battery is damaged, you will not be able to recondition them. In the manuals included, the creators will show you how to check if your batteries can still be reconditioned. A dead battery or batteries with bad conditions cannot be reconditioned.


How to get this?

– Go to the official EZ Battery Reconditioning website to buy your copy
– Enter the payment details and other information
– After completing payment, you will gain access to all the materials included in the package

Is it a fake program?

Please make sure that you’ve purchased the program through legitimate websites so that your refund is guaranteed. Otherwise, the creators of this program and ClickBank cannot help you with your refund if you purchased an illegal or fake copy. There are many online stores that sell fake copies, beware of those sites.

Will I get a refund if I don’t like it?

This program is sold through ClickBank, which means that you can claim a refund within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with it. However, please check their refund terms before claim.

The Verdict

Purchasing your copy of the EZ Battery Reconditioning program is an excellent investment. This will save you tons of money from reusing your old batteries and extending their life span. Aside from that, your efforts help save the environment by reducing the waste generated from buying and using batteries. This is a digital product that can be purchased online and also download it. The product quality is worth it.

Whether it’s just your car battery, household batteries, golf cart batteries, dead car battery, cell phone battery, laptop battery or a battery for heavy machinery, replacing broken batteries can get expensive.

Along with the reconditioning guides, you also receive a guide that talks about battery maintenance and several bonus guides for free. 

Each guide comes with easy, step-by-step instructions, battery reconditioning methods, diagrams, and pictures that show you exactly what to do for a stress-free experience. This online program is sure to cut down the battery cost by a good margin. Learn more about battery technology and reconditioning process , through this battery care, EZ Battery Program or EZ Battery Reconditioning Main Manual.

People have to spend hundreds of dollars not because they want to but because they have to and for informational purposes. With the help of these books, you can increase your knowledge about batteries or knowledge of batteries and also start saving money by fixing the batteries of every electrical device or individual batteries in your house.

You can try out this program for two months to see for yourself. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can file for a 100% refund from ClickBank. There is a money-back policy or a Refund policy for you.  And you can also go through other legitimate product reviews from our site.

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