Brain Training for Dogs Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Dogs are ‘Mans’ Best Friend’, and well-proven over the years.” Man’s best friend” is a phrase that tells of domestic dogs and the history of close relations, loyalty, and companionship with humans!

Brain Training For Dogs

It May sound like a cliche, but the dog as mans’ best friend technically is trained and treated like a human being. Do you know that there is a science that explains the dog’s minds and behaviors? You can find more details on Brain Training for Dogs here on this link!

Dogs, best friends to humans

Humans tend to find a company in many forms, and dogs are most near to human beings in character, habit, and attitude. Usually, dog owners without their knowledge start training dogs even on the first day in possession.

In the early times, hunting is how dogs eat and survive. Situations such as being hungry make them hunt, using their sense of sniffing, stalking, chasing, and killing the prey. And cases teach them how to react to situations.

As time passes, dogs become domesticated; being a hunter is still a part of their lifestyle. They remained to be doing things such as sniffing and walking, looking for carcasses. No longer does the separating bones from the meat

Dogs of yesteryears are different from their counterparts nowadays. People learned to treat dogs as their mate, a friend, and even a company at all times. Brain training dogs also find their ways to the owners, to be an advantage because trained dogs might one day save lives.

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Choosing a Poo that Suits your Personality

Having a pet in the house requires making a significant decision. In the process, be sure that all family members are ready to welcome a dog in the house, including the cost of having one. 

There are factors to consider in choosing a dog, including current lifestyles, to know the adjustments to be made. Include health maintenance concerns like an allergy.

  • Size – knowing how big or small is an essential aspect of choosing your dog
  • Activity Level -Determine the level of energy of the hound you wish to have. 
  • Physical Maintenance – the appearance of the dog you choose speaks. The type of hair coat,(short-haired, smooth-coated), shows how it shreds its hair. Constant grooming and grooming tools are a requirement. Dogs with long floppy ears are prone to ear infections needing frequent visits to the veterinarian 
  • Research on dogs shows that there are dog breeds that can do a lot of drooling, if you feel a little off to this kind, choose another race.

 Other Notes

  • Age – puppies need a lot of attention for the first six months, and that requires lots of care, training, and patience. Adult dogs are a better choice. Seeing it, you want to immediately know the dog’s level of temperament, energy level, and attitude. A senior dog is a beautiful companion for its low level of energy.
  • Breed – Be sure of your choice of race, considerations must be made if the dog will fit in with your family and lifestyle.

Interesting Dog Facts

Owning a dog needs a lot of understanding, such as:

  • Dogs smell 10,000 times stronger than humans.
  • Norwegian Lundehund has six toes on each foot, making them the only ones in the world.
  • Dogs detect diseases in humans, including cancer. 
  • Three dogs survived the Titanic tragedy.
  • Different tail wags mean different things
  • Dogs sweat on the pads of their feet only.
  • Dogs have only 1,700 taste buds compared to cats that have 473 and humans with 9000.
  • Dogs are territorial animals. Dogs kick after pee and use scent glands to mark territory.

What Dogs Can Do

Depending on how your pet behaves and is trained by YOU, it does matter. In training dogs, a scientific approach is critical. As a pet owner, we feel happy when our dogs follow simple commands and do some simple errands for us.

In the field of scientific researches found pooch ownership can reduce and lessen stress encountered daily and reduce the mortality rate by 24% with this idea, a scientific approach on how to Brain Train Dogs came about.

This four-legged mans’ friend has long been used to provide the following :

  • Help people with post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Some have trained to sniff cancer.
  • For people who suffered a stroke or heart attacks

What is Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training is a program and techniques for developing dogs’ hidden intelligence. The program basically to get rid of bad behavior and be able to have an obedient and well-behaved dog. The creator of the program firmly believes that every dog has a hidden intelligence waiting to be developed and tapped.

The need for mental stimulation and time spent with the owner is also a factor. Resulting in anxiety and boredom that leads to behavioral problems. By clicking here you’ll find how Dog training programs also engage them with mental stimulation that will take away bad behaviors. 

Dog training is a building line of communication between a dog and the trainer/owner. Soon it becomes an understood conversation for life.

Effects of Training Dogs

Effects of training a dog lean more on the positive side. Some of them are the following:

  • Oxytocin chemical in the body is released, making dogs happy.
  • Improves the dogs’ agility and ability to read and understand what the owner/trainer says.
  • The release of Cortisol, a hormone, reduces stress.
  • Frequent bonding through listening, your pet becomes physically addicted to your voice.
  • Repetition of commands, especially positive behaviour, improves dogs’ capability to understand body language and increases response to oral clues.

Brain Training For Dogs. Why?

As mentioned training, a dog is paramount because of several reasons

  1. It boasts of what is called a canine-human bond.
  2. It trains a dog to work as a Service or therapy dog.
  3. Dogs learn the value of obedience.
  4. Problem behaviors will go away
  5. Ability to learn will be improved 
  6. The dog’s temperament will hasten

And most importantly:

Health will improve. Dog owners depend on guides and coaches of canine pets, whether domesticated or service dogs. Dogs are like humans giving them some instruction or training, and they can act and move accordingly as to how trained the dogs.

Brain training dogs give pet owners a lot of benefits. Once trained, dogs can even care for children. Keeping a careful watch on babies and other members of the family Sometimes, brain training dogs can also sniff and detect signs for any emergencies and at the most on giving lives for masters.

Goals of Dog Training

The primary purpose of training develop mutual understanding so that dogs can and will:

  1. Do good things and receive rewards. 
  2. Develop trust. The owner/trainer knows and understands the dogs’ behavior and interest, making a new bond. 

Benefits and Purpose of Training

Trained Obedient dogs is a pleasure. Obedience training gives the dog and the owner peace, each believing they respond positively with one another. Preparing confidently on obedience serves as a solid foundation that follows other forms of training.

What’s Inside

Brain Training for Dogs comes online and a PDF copy that contains progressive programs that dog owners will follow. 

  • Module 1 PRESCHOOL plays as the foundation of the whole course. The dog’s brainpower tapped for basic obedience. Skills taught will be:
  • How to ‘Target Train’ that means training dogs to keep the attention
  • ‘Magic Little Way’ teaches to strengthen the foundation of obedience.
  • A game of ‘Airplane’ gets the dog to look at your eyes and pay attention to you. 
  • Module 2 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL- time to improve skills. The use of senses as skills to follow your commands, such as:
  • Treasure Hunt Game = relieves dog boredom leading to behavior problems
  • Muffin Game keeps dog mental stimulation keeping them out of trouble.
  • Ball Pit keeps dogs busy with fun and exercises to drain their energy.
  • Module 3 HIGH SCHOOL – On this part, Dogs will learn how to control impulse and patience. Games made for this stage consist of :
  • Jazz up and settle down teaches your dog to stop and settle down after a hyperactive game
  • Bottle Game a combination of mental stimulation and a small amount of exercise and behave better for you
  • Bobbing treats a reward for behaving in defeating the fear of water. 

To continue the program, other Modules such as:

  • Module 4 COLLEGE will focus on your dog’s motor skills and skill in taking orders coming from you. Aid to develop this is a designed game.
  • .Shell Game for mental agility
  • Open Sesame for patience and calmness
  • Magic carpet for more patience and dex
  • MODULE 5 UNIVERSITY – is developing your dog’s intelligence and patience, focusing on impulse towards a behaved dog.
  • Hide and seek game helps you and the dog create strong bonds, and remedy troubled dogs with regards to being alone.
  • Look at that Game discipline and make your dog stop barking incessantly at other people and other dogs.
  • Hot and cold games help your dog learn and build confidence.
  • Module GRADUATION – looks forward to an advanced level of motor skills and intelligence to OBEY YOUR COMMANDS. In this module, you will discover the following:
  • Advanced leg weaving skills that impress friends
  • Serpentines and spirals game helps your dogs stay by your side and follow your movements.
  •  Name recognition game -your dogs learn picking toys and develop cognitive ability.

 Last but not least is :

  • Module 7 Einstein called the Genius Level. Inside you will find:
  • Tidy up game dogs learn to clean their mess after a finished game.
  • Ring stackers Game developed for added patience and other skills
  • Play the piano game – you heard it right training dogs to play the piano on cue.

Bonuses Included in the Program

A wide range of videos of tricks for training dogs also included. Methods that show off your dog’s abilities and spill confidence building in your pooch. Tricks such as: 

  1. Take a Bow
  2. Cover his Eyes
  3. Shake hands
  4. Dance Howl
  5. Play dead
  6. Rollover

Stimulating Your Dogs’ Intelligence

In a dog’s life, training is essential. Why? Brain training dogs will enhance the knowledge of these intelligent creatures. Practising mental stimulation provides dogs with some sort of happiness due to the physical activity placed on them. 

  • Stimulating a dog’s brain starts with training. The more time spent training, the smarter it becomes.
  • Dogs that lack mental stimulation will exhibit undesirable behaviour ( whining, excessive barking, tail chasing, digging holes and chewing your favourite shoes)
  • Learning is not just for humans. A responsible dog owner must teach and train dogs’ with basic obedience during their lifetime.

Approaches vary accordingly among dog breeds. As dog owners, learn how to communicate, the situation changes, and need adjustments made. The flexibility of style follows next.

Lady Behind the Brain Training For Dogs

She is Adrienne Farcelli, a certified Trainer, A CPDT-KA dog trainer. For ten (10) years, she has helped dog owners develop and train well behaved, obedient and loving pets. As a dog trainer, she has tapped dogs hidden intelligence and talents among different breeds and types of dogs. 

She has proven the techniques she used will erase behavioral problems. And come up with intelligent and well-behaved dogs who strictly follow each command of the owner. Her dog training is science-based, free of force and kind

She uses positive reinforcement of rewards to train your dog, for she believes that this is a BIG win-win situation for you and your pooch. Using treats is not a bribe! She says it is a form of payment for learning and getting it right.

The training exercises are a progressive course of games and puzzles that your dog will need to figure out. As with humans, there is a learning curve. But remember, this is not a race, it’s about developing your dog’s mental agility and skill.

Her program, Brain Training for Dogs, tackles an entirely virtual and online application. It features expert dog trainers to guide and educate you on how to train your dog. She proudly says that this is the solution, presented distinctly and concisely.

Finest Features of Brain Training for Dogs

Once you decide to subscribe to the program, not only training lessons will be provided with an assessment tool to gauge learning. The device determines how well your dog did with training. Completing the tasks and using the tools will determine the Grade Level.

Program scheduled online, the first step is to log in to the program portal, and you are ready to go. Pet owners like you will decide as to the training level. Logging in means the option is yours, to keep the program and learn or have 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

To train the dogs well, practical exercises and games the dog owners may use at any time of the day. Training nuggets included and taught by step by step instructions. Troubleshooting sections of the online Pdf book will surely benefit the life of dogs and the pet owner. 

Owners Too

Brain Training for dogs is not for dogs only! Dog training schemes fall on the shoulders of the owners. The author of this; program Adrienne wrote clear instructions on teaching skills not only for dogs but especially for YOU! As a loving and responsible canine owner.

You and your dogs are both unique beings. Both of you are not robots, and training needs to be a specialized one. So a troubleshooting section is there for problems that may arise while training your dog.


  • A sixty (60) days money back refund guarantee.
  • The author of this program is a pro when it comes to training dogs, being a Professional Dog Trainer for 12 years.
  • The training uses brain and mental stimuli for young and old dogs alike. Thus, boosting their intelligence.
  • The system of training is force-free where secrets and tricks on positive intelligence used
  • A step by step system is utilized for dog owners to train their dogs at home without a professional trainer.
  • Adrienne prepared an HD Video and PDF book that can be downloaded from the official website once subscribed.
  • Positive reviews of the book showed that it has helped their dogs obedient and smarter in such a short time.


  • Brain Training for dogs is a self-help tool, meaning you need to do it by yourself.
  • The key to this program is patience and commitment to make things work for you and your dog.
  • Comes only in Downloadable Videos and PDF books

Topics of Discussion about Dogs

  1. Dogs develop separation anxiety – dogs like people feel universal emotions such as happiness, sadness, including depression.
  2. Aggression signals on dogs – there are triggers for dogs to exhibit aggressive manners. Owners need to distinguish what it is and how to handle it.
  3. Common mistakes in getting a second dog – getting a second dog create more aggression for both the old and the new pet.
  4. Park manners for dogs – a trip to the park teaches the dog familiarity and socialization.


Why is the program unique and different from the others?    

In this program, there are no same solutions. It tackles the underlying issues that cause a unique answer that brings the dog’s natural intelligence, delaying other harmful and dangerous behavior. Thus making it unique

Is the program legit? 

It’s a Yes! Your dog definitely will get rid of bad behavior such as barking or aggression, and you will enjoy how he follows orders to sit, lie down, and walking by your side.

What is cool about the program?

This program uses positive reinforcement, and it is in e-book format training resources.


TIt is dependent on how your pet behaves and is trained by YOU. A scientific approach to dog training is essential. When our dogs obey simple directions and run errands for us, we are overjoyed as pet owners. Adrienne Faricelli is an accomplished dog trainer who has written an entire book dedicated to puppy training. She is a CPDT-KA qualified professional dog trainer. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a dog trainer, Adrienne’s Brain Training for Dogs is a huge money saver. 

A major advantage of this course is that you get the entire dog training system which highlights modern training techniques. Like a training book for a stronger bond with bonding exercise, advanced exercises, and teaches obedience skills for puppy owners or happy dog owners.

Your investment in this course is also protected by 60 days money-back guarantee. So will I subscribe to the program? Is it with the money that I’m going to pay? Will it help my dog to be obedient, intelligent, and responsive to all my commands?  The answer to these questions is a BIG YES!!! The program will give you ten years worth of training materials. It is a bonus for dog owners specifically for those who cannot afford a dog trainer.  Lastly, Miss Adrienne created the program specifically for training dogs. She was utilizing a force-free, fun, and progressive curriculum that made miracles on your dog. Better move and start clicking and join the band of successful dog and dog owners! Do you have questions about brain training games, 100% force-free training, agility training, basic obedience training, training methods, behavior issues, behavior guide or queries about the program, comment down below!

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