Backyard Revolution Review 2021 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Electric bills are normally expensive. Therefore, high bills on electricity have always been the major worries of everyone.

Backyard Revolution

Have you ever been concerned about this too? If you do, did you realize that you can install and run a homemade solar panel that can reduce your cost of electricity? Ever wonder how it could be? Now it has become possible with the help of the Backyard Revolution.

We will show you how Backyard Revolution can help you lower your electricity bill. The Backyard Revolution plan works perfectly. As a matter of fact, users can reduce 60-65% of their electricity bills. Moreover, it assures a stable flow of energy.

In this review, you will know everything about Backyard Revolution. Also, you will understand how it can reduce your electricity consumption.

What is Backyard Revolution?

Backyard Revolution is a guide online that allows you to create homemade solar panels by using the zigzag method. It is built from the concept of solar energy and how it is used to produce electricity. You can get the Backyard Revolution Guide here from this link and learn more about producing electricity.

It all began when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers discovered that the old solar panels misspend a lot of generated renewable energy. Also, those old solar panels are expensive and costly to install.

online guide

Based on research, the energy gap is the reason for the downsides of this technology. However, Backyard Revolution initiated the paradigm shift. This lofty idea was established as an instructional guide that shows how to create a solar panel system in just four hours.

This Backyard Revolution solar system also includes a step by step procedure that makes this process as simple as possible. Here, you can find the shopping lists, diagrams, pictures, and other easy steps that you can follow making it uncomplicated and affordable to install.

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About the Creator

Zack Bennett developed the Backyard Revolution, he is the founder of it. He is a father, a husband, and a carpenter from Orlando.

In Zack Bennette’s system, you can follow guidelines to accumulate power from the sun, for there are sufficient energies from stars that strike on our planet every day that could supply adequate energy for the whole year.

This program will help you to collect these resources to make electricity at home. In that case, you can lessen the cost of your electricity bill every month. Learn more about The Backyard Revolution by clicking here. It is inspired by survival and independence rather than trying to save the earth. Bennett has been robbed of his property after power was blocked out. They don’t have a security system that could alert the police regarding the robbery.

That’s why he decided to do some fact-finding strategies that could avoid this kind of issue. Then he discovered the zigzag solar panel installation. This is an easy way to create solar energy, and he decided to show this research to everyone.

Program Features

The good thing about the Backyard Revolution is that this system has zero maintenance costs. It is entirely about the installation of #D structure panels. It is a series of overlapping panels that could generate more energy without getting large spaces.

The solar panels are layered in place so that each of the groups could have a full glaze of sunlight. The program provides a complete easy installation procedure for all users. 

Don’t worry, because you don’t need to be an expert to follow these instructions. You can make the Backyard Revolution by yourself or with your friends.

The program contains detailed instructions in CD form and PDF form that makes it easy to install. The video guide is essential, and it would help you to understand the system. Aside from it, you will also get information about the Stockpiling Secrets, the protection protocol, and the Homestead Alternative Sources. 

How does the Backyard Revolution work?

Backyard Revolution is an online tutorial that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create and install the system in 4 hours. Once you have done it, you can already install it in your house.

Ideally, the solar panel must be installed outside your house to directly contact the sunlight. Most of the users install it in the garden. The panels must point directly to the sunlight, and the inconsequential mirror has no or little effect on the system.

Scientifically, it is a combination of tubes and mini-towers that are created to hold solar cells in a 3D structure. Based on the information from MIT, they say that it can make 20 times more renewable energy than the standard solar modules. 

You can make and install the Backyard Revolution solar system for your home use. This process is simple, and it uses a clean energy source.

solar energy

It can absorb more solar energy because of its engineered vertical surfaces. Efficiency can be achieved with this 3D solar technology. The complete explanation of the whole process is detailed on the video tutorial when you avail of the product. Truly, Backyard Revolution designed to transform power production and consumption globally.

Main Advantages of Backyard Revolution

The Backyard Revolution system can easily be installed, even if you have a small space at home. It could save a lot of finances and energy. 

Being affordable is not only the reason, but we have to consider climate change. Therefore, we need to think hostilely about the environment.

By having your panel, you can save your bills. It also protects the environment from the hazardous emissions of the electricity generators, click on this link to know more. Even if you don’t have a vast space, you can still generate your electricity quickly by using the Backyard Revolution. It seems like a reward to yourself and for the world.                                                                  

History of Solar Energy Collection

Humans have made use of the power of the sun for more than two millennia. Even when our gathering techniques were in the ancient period, we have been using the heat and light from the sun to be comfortable and for indoor lighting options.

Before the 1st century, people used the sun’s energy to start fires that had been useful for cooking. When mirrors were invented, we discovered how to focus the light beam as an igniting tool for torches. After the Romans invented rooms that can capture and concentrate the sunlight, it changed the way we think upon solar energy. Some of those beliefs are still popular today.

Archimedes is suspected to have set fire to the wooden ships that attack the Greeks by reflecting light from the sun to the bronze shields. All of the vessels were burned before they could make landfall.

Today the industry of solar energy uses photovoltaic panels and more other technologies that can produce electricity and thermal assistance. In 1839, Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist discovered the first possibility over the experiment with metal electrodes and a conducting solution. He clearly stated that when exposed to light, the cell generates more electricity.

solar panel

In 1883 Charles Fritz began working on the first solar cell after advancements in selenium research showed how electricity generation could happen. Although we recently use silicon in cells for the modern panel, this American invention would be an important step for the technology that would eventually become part of the Backyard Revolution program.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the most remarkable leap regarding the modern solar industry happened. In 1954 Bell Labs built the first solar cell, which is practically silicon-based, and that invention had 4% work efficiency with its primary structure.

The scientists behind this invention were able to achieve 11% efficiency rate over the next ten years. By the 1960s, photovoltaic panels eventually reached 15% efficiency levels. Furthermore, NASA merges this technology in different spacecraft and satellites. The Nimbus could operate on its 470-watt photovoltaic solar panel array in 1964.

With this technology that proved to generate sufficient electricity for satellites and other spacecraft, scientists began to look at how it could utilize homes and businesses all over the world. Since the 1970s, it has become feasible alternative energy for everyone who wants to support the environment, for those who want to live without reliance on power utility, or for those who want to increase the property value.

Technology development has been combined with lowering the cost in the manufacturing process to generate a cost-competitive option which is portable, clean, and easy to install in your backyard. When you go for Backyard Revolution to generate this option, then you are the one who chooses to put down fossil fuels to enjoy the benefits that the sun provides every day.

The Truth About Renewable Energy

In the 1970s, renewable energy was expensive. Now, it is a different story. You can have the whole system and install it for just a penny per day if you just do it with Backyard Revolution. Supposedly, your electricity bill is $200 per month. That is still more costly than other people’s consumption. 

Then you pay $35,000 to install traditional panels on your roof. That installation lessens your bills up to 50% per month. In that way, your $35,000 investment can produce $1,200 savings every year. In that scenario, you can’t recover your investment because the lifespan of the solar panels is shorter than the time of returning your expenses.

Thus, Backyard Revolution is such a great investment to consider. For about the same price as a month’s cost of electricity, you can start creating your own with these plans. The cost of a solar panel has dropped by 70% or more since 2010. At the same time, efficiency rates have increased to 40%. Most solar panels with Backyard Revolution assure a 20-year warranty. However, panels installed in the 1970s are still working today at an 80% capacity level.

Statistics to Consider

Today, solar energy has become a popular option globally, whereas the largest oil producers have also entered this industry. There are more statistics about solar energy that are worthy of consideration.

  • Solar power can help the planet.

58% of people who have solar panels at home want to produce clean energy. Their purpose is to prevent contributing to the harmful effects of climate change.

  • It can help save money.

Fifty-nine percent of homes have installed solar panels to save money each month from their electricity bill.

  • Quick return of investment.

Almost 60% of people who live in coal-reliant communities in the developed world say that they’d be willing to divert to solar energy. Their purpose is that they want to return their investment within five years.

  • Positive contribution to our world

When you switch to solar, then you block the 6,250 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. 

Why Choose Backyard Revolution for Your Solar Needs?

In this program, you need to do minimal jobs that might get your hands dirty. If you are in favor of  DIY, then Backyard Revolution is great for you. These are the advantages and disadvantages that could come your way.


As mentioned, this program has more advantages. Here they are;

  • Installs Easily

No skills required to do the program. Even a small kid can install it after seeing the videos provided without much difficulty in hand.

  • Independent

If you really want to stay in a free world and become thrifty from the monthly electric bills, then Backyard Revolution is the solution to your energy problems. It will provide you with an opportunity to create electricity on your own.

  • Saves Money

The electricity meter drastically increases every day and you are obliged to pay huge bills without much consumption. This system can help you to cut your conventional bills by about 50%. This system is economical and reliable in making independent third parties of electricity generators.

  • Don’t Require Much Space

Backyard Revolution takes only 5% space compared to the common solar panels. Along with that, this can also generate a double amount of energy in contrast to them.

  • No Maintenance Cost

The biggest and most important long term advantages of Backyard Revolution system has a zero maintenance cost. Once built, you can place it anywhere and use it all year round.


The Backyard Revolution has no negativity that may overrule its positive sides. The only disadvantage that I can see is:

  • It doesn’t have any charging facilities, as it can only be charged by the sunlight. So you may face some difficulties on cloudy days.

Is the System Legit?

Many people said that this program is not real. From our discoveries, most of the people who said that are those people who can’t afford it and haven’t even tried the product yet. 

Do not be mistaken, for this great innovation is real and not a scam. Nowadays, more users have confirmed that the Backyard Revolution could save up to 65% of their power bills.

The program has also saved people from cyclone- and earthquake- cause blackouts. Over 42,191 people have installed the system. Without any doubt, people have strongly stated that the Backyard Revolution is effective, and every penny spent on it is worth it.


Can I do this alone, even if I am not a techie expert?

The language used in the Backyard Revolution is user-friendly that can easily be handled and installed within 4-5 hours.

⚡️ Can it power the entire house?

Even though it is used as a secondary power source, it can be possible to power a whole house with this system. To do that, you have to calculate your daily power consumption and then scale up the system by adding panels. The guide contains instructions to do that.

How much space do I need to place the system?

The system doesn’t require a large space, less than ten sq ft is enough.

How much does the Backyard Revolution cost?

This program assists you with the 3D solar panel, costing you $200. The total cost to create the program would be less than $300, which is very less costly than the ordinary solar power system.


Backyard Revolution is a great cause of helping people to develop their energy devices from their homes without professionals involved. People could develop the system by themselves. This program is clearly efficient solar technology.

You will never have to beg or worry about the bills anymore because you won’t have to pay huge electricity bills at all. We have all been there. With the Monthly electricity, Saving electricity, calling the electricity guys to fix household electricity. But, Backyard Revolution’s bonus guides can help you nullify the effect of these variables at once.

Thousands of people have started using their revolutionary backyard 3D solar arrays to generate their own source of electricity for a sustainable electricity and other conventional power sources.

Are you sick and tired of spending a large amount on your electricity bills? It’s time for you to do this program and cut your electricity bills. Share your insights and opinions in the comment section.

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