Commission Hero Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

More people are searching for independence and freedom in life. It is very challenging to have better choices to have an income online. The Commission Hero will show you how to do it, and it guarantees you that you can earn $1000 every day.

Commission Hero

The creator of Commission Hero promises that you can make at least one grand per day. I don’t doubt his words, but it seems unbelievable when huge numbers like that get thrown around. Especially when it stated that “Experience is Not Required”.

It doesn’t signify that this is not real. However, when you are searching for ways to earn money online, it is vital to check the legitimacy of the program. Especially when you need to invest in a course, you really need to know if it is LEGIT or NOT.

This Commission Hero review will explain everything that you need to know about the product. We will discuss the description of the product, who created it, how it works, and of course, the efficiency of the product in making money online.

What Is a Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is one of the newest “money-making” products online. This program is included in Clickbank.

It provides three easy steps that you can use to advertise digital products on Facebook. In that way, you can earn a huge commission.

To do that, you have to select a product that is associated with a profitable program where you earn a 50% commission or more. The Commission Hero also includes the revelation on the three essential secrets. These are:

  • Secret #1 – How to find the best and offer high wages.
  • Secret #2 – How to utilize Facebook to run advertisements to those offers and make it profitable.
  • Secret #3 – A 3-Step system of Robby Blanchard that psychologically influences people to buy your offers.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is the CEO of Blanchard Media with clients such as Paleo Secret, Fit Body Bootcamp, and Jason Capital International. His company provides services like ad campaign management, speaking engagements, coaching, and private consulting. He is also the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the world. 

If you’re not familiar with ClickBank, it’s a vast marketplace where affiliate marketers, vendors, and product creators assemble to form a joint venture. Those product creators or a product promoter’s top guys on ClickBank can earn up to 6-7 figures. 

So, if he was the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the world, that means Robby Blanchard is kind of a big deal. At least when it comes to marketing.

Unlike the other super-affiliates, Robby did not begin in the “make-money-online” industry. He started in the fitness industry. He opened his gym after earning his MBA from Fitchburg State College.  

He promoted his gym into Facebook Ads, which turned out to be a big success. From here, he got his online skills. Eventually, he became a top affiliate in Clickbank and the creator of Commission Hero.

What’s to expect from Commission Hero?

In Commission Hero, you can find more things in this program. This program has a lot of content that you may need to take your affiliate marketing professionals to a higher level. 

After purchasing the program from here, you can have access to the top and useful secrets. Here are the things you should expect:

Getting Started

Upon introduction to the world of affiliate marketing, people may look at it as a simple task. But that is not always like that.

For the beginner, affiliate marketing could be complicated and annoying. Robby sees that one might encounter the struggle so that this guide got you covered from the starting point. 

Robby will drive you into affiliate marketing, affiliate networks, and accounts. With his experience, he will explore you in the introduction. To assure that you acknowledge the sector very well.

Guidelines on choosing the perfect offers

You might be asking about affiliate marketing. Well, this is a marketing form wherein the affiliate sells products on account of the business or company.

As an exchange, the company will give you a commission from the products sold. Recently, the companies are consistently searching for affiliate marketers that can increase their sales. That’s where you enter using the Commission Hero by your side. You can start by clicking on this link now!

Robby will also help you in choosing offers or products. With this information, you will be able to succeed in the platform since affiliate marketing is on all hands in making sales and, thus, the commissions.

Image Selection

Like the physical stores, online selling is a little bit complicated too. If you begin your affiliate journey, you will learn that the use of an image is essential.

Commission Hero includes tips on choosing an excellent image for your advertisement. This image section will encounter various images that the creator thinks can deliver results. Check it out by clicking on this link now! Robby also suggests well-known designers that may help you draw up quality images that surely get positive results.

Effective landing pages

Landing pages are crucial as regards affiliate marketing. This is what your prospective customer lands prior to beginning the transaction. Robby’s guide will give tips on how to work with landing pages—providing the templates and ideas of ClickFunnel, on how you can utilize these tools to your advantage.

Creating a Facebook page

As of now, the biggest thing for online entrepreneurs is social media. Robby’s guide embodies detailed information that you have to know in regards to creating a social media page to manage your affiliate job.

With his manual, you will be able to work out with a fan page and a Business Manager. Robby will guide you on how you can use your fan page every day.

Many people find it complicated to create and launch ads on your fan page. An improper plan may result in ineffective marketing campaigns. Thanks to Robby’s guide, you will have tactics on how and when to publish an advertisement

Guide on how to install Facebook Pixel

You must track your progress with the Facebook ads. You need to know the performance of each ad. Performance is required as it helps in strategizing the next action.

That’s why Facebook Pixel is here. It will help in tracking the conversions from Facebook. It’s commonly a code that you put in your account in ClickBank. With this guide, you will know how to install the system and analyze the results. 

Scaling up results

In planning the next move, analytics is necessary. By this guide, you can learn techniques on how to analyze the outcome and scale them up. Robbie also talks about how you can manage with any circumstance that may come in your affiliate journey. 

The secret package

In this program, you can also have access to ‘Ninja Tactics.’ It consists of hidden secrets that Robby’s only shares with his members.

Robby is a well-known affiliate. So, having direct access to ‘Ninja Tactics’ is an advantage for any affiliate marketer to achieve your target of $1k/day.


Aside from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat is also a perfect medium to keep on with your affiliate marketing career. Snapchat is famous for the sharing of life stories and news globally.

Robby’s guide will present to you how to use this platform for business rather than just for fun. Snapchat can be tricky for beginners. But Robby makes the whole process easy to understand. His guide can help you in creating, launching, and also monitoring the advertisement on this platform.

Email campaigns

Robby also believes that email marketing is a thing from the past. The successful affiliate states that there is you can do more with the emails for your affiliate journey.

From Commission Hero, you will discover how to use AWeber from the very beginning. Robby illustrates to viewers how they can incorporate the tool with ClickFunnels. It’s not yet done with the settings of the tools. 

The successful affiliate’s purpose is to guide you on how you can emerge with your first email campaign. The aim here isn’t just only to do an email campaign but to get the attention of the recipient by the email advertisement.

Extra coaching

If this guide dissatisfies you, maybe because it’s hard for you to follow what he says, well, this is not yet the end for you, as Robby provides private coaching for the consumers.

By this offer, you can avail of the one-on-one coaching with Robby. You could have this extra coaching if you want to expand your skills in this profession.

What I Like About Commission Hero

There’s more to like about the program. First up is the creator, Robby Blanchard. She comes from the fitness niche and also earns money by promoting dating and relationship-related products and services.

A one-time payment for a perfect course is also a plus. The Heroes Commission is NOT a self-sustaining sales funnel. You will learn to make your campaigns in the niche of your choice, which is a nice change from the mountain of online money-making systems that only teach you to promote the same method to other people. 

What I Don’t Like About Commission Hero

The price is the downside of the product. For me, the system is a little bit pricey. But if you are just starting with limited resources such as the cost of the product, the tools needed to make it work, and paid traffic. You can say that it’s all worth it.

Another thing is the lack of email marketing or training on list-building. Lastly, the paid traffic is too risky. Even if you can still make money from it, your money might be wasted if you are not careful and highly strategic about it.

Who should enroll for the Commission Hero? 

Information is everything as regards online marketing. This field is vulnerable to changes. Therefore, you can find new launch products or competition around the world. From these competitions, the need for a new marketing strategy increases.

Therefore, Robby’s Commission Hero is a platform for everyone. That means it prefers everybody, even for an old folk or a beginner in this field. Commission Hero will help as much as you’re eager to learn the tricks. The video-based manuals are straight-forward, together with basic English, for everyone to comprehend.

When considering the program, you must include the cost. Many allies find its scary price. A $997 is a considerable amount, but as long as you have money to pay for it, you are good to go.

Even so, one needs to acquire ClickFunnels as well as the guide. That will cost you $97.

Furthermore, you are prescribed to indulge in Facebook advertising, and that is expensive. That is why one has to understand that the Commission Hero is not a cheap platform and requires an investment.

You must be prepared to have these expenses to get the entire investment with success. Beware, because affiliate marketing is not for a faint-hearted. Affiliate marketing is a risky job; you must have enough courage in every circumstance.

A simple move may have a significant result or may cause you to lose at your end. So, if you can’t bear to lose all the investment, this affiliate marketing is not for you.

The remarkable thing about Commission Hero is its availability. You can sign up for the program whenever you are. Then you can experience the precious information that Robby has to offer. 

How Does a Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero is designed to give you step-by-step directions to setting up a cost-effective sales channel and sending traffic by using Facebook Ads. Here are the courses outlines of the program:

Getting Started

Choosing The Right Offer

  • Finding The Right Offers on ClickBank
  • Finding The Right Offers on A4D
  • Finding The Right Offers on MaxWeb
  • Offer Spotlight: Lean Belly Breakthrough
  • Offer Spotlight: Flat Belly Fix

Finding Your Ad Image

  • Contain an Image
  • Finding The Right Designer on Fiverr

Setting Up A Landing Page

Setting Up Facebook

  • Creating FB Business Manager
  • Fan Page Set Up
  • Establishing Your Facebook Campaign and Adset
  • Strengthen Your Ads
  • Creating a Custom Audience
  • Bonus: Inside Look at a Successful Campaign

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  • How to Install FB Pixel
  • Placing Your FB Pixel in Your ClickBank Account
  • Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

Tracking Your Campaign

  • Tracking Spreadsheet
  • How To Install Tracking Links


  • Scaling Your Campaigns

Ninja Tactics

  • Reaching Out To Other Affiliates
  • Amex Card 
  • Spying on Facebook Ads
  • Dealing With Account Shutdowns


  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (ClickFunnels)
  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (PHP)
  • Mindset
  • Images
  • CPA
  • Contacts


Commission Hero has its advantages that may help you to build your online marketing skills. Here are the pros that you may consider:

Easy Training

Robby is popular for his calm personality. Many program users talk about his tutorials as don’t assume to hear any shouting. Instead, he put all his energy into your new journey.

In fact, his tutorials aren’t live, which means that you can follow up on them whenever you want and based on your schedule. With this training, you can have a stress-free life without fearing missed tutorials.

One-on-one assistance

You may find it complicated to understand some parts of the video tutorials. Whenever you can’t follow the tutorials, you don’t need to stop and forget the program because Robby is always there when you need him.

Upon signing up, you will receive an invitation to a private Facebook group. Robby is active in that group, which means you can chat and ask him whenever you’re stuck in a certain process.

Also, all the members from all over the world can help you with your problem that you might encounter as a beginner. Beyond that, you can also have a one-on-one conversation with Robby to help you with your concerns.

Gives you access to ads and images

 In the affiliate marketing, images and landing pages are essential. As an affiliate, you have to ensure that everything is on point.

Thanks to Commission Hero, you don’t need to worry as it will do everything about it. Robby will give you images that have drawn him a million dollars—having these high-end images and sales funnels mean a good result.

12-months success guarantee

It may take more than a 12-months to see the marvelous results. Rest assured that succession will be achieved when you avail the Commission Hero.


It may be challenging to take affiliate marketing for the first time. Affiliate marketing is a wide field that requires effort and time to know everything.

The good thing about Commission Hero is that you can start everything from scratch. Before you become a successful affiliate, it begins with the introduction of a new world. 

And once you’re already there, the program will provide you with information and resources that you will be needed in your journey. By that, this program, get it from here, will save you from probable trouble of searching through a thousand of tutorial hacks.

A $1000 per day earnings

Commission Hero provides you with the knowledge and skills to conquer the affiliate marketing world and drives you in making over $1k a day. More people have doubted the numbers, but it’s really possible.

As long as Robby will lead the tutorials, that figure is easy to attain. Robby is known for making between $30k and $50k a day. So that $1000 per day is just petty cash for him.


Commission Hero has its own disadvantages too. It is fair to discuss that the program also has its negativity. But then again, it doesn’t overwhelm the fact that Commission Hero is indeed a great program. Take a look at the cons below.


You are required to put a large amount of money to access everything that Robby has to offer. The subscription is not that affordable.

Additionally, on top of your subscription, you are also required to avail and pay for an advertising campaign technique and sale funnels.

Questionable Longevity

Most of the procedures are circulating about creating various ad accounts. This leads me to think that it might not be a continuous method. That’s maybe why a lot of money has to be exceeded the cost of the course.

Why should you Join Commission Hero without Hesitation?

After seeing the cost of the program, maybe now you are starting to ask yourself if this program is worth it. It’s all up to you. You might already hear the stories of others making incredible amounts of money with these platforms.

The personal account is important for making serious moves that are investing your money on Robby’s platform. Here are the reasons why you should account for the Commission Hero.

Robby is the guy behind the Tutorials

Again and again, people may find it impossible to achieve the $1k/day. Well, you can’t blame them if they doubt the figure.

However, did you know that the guy behind the tutorials can make not less than $30k and over $50k per day? He is also the top affiliate on ClickBank.

Such a wide portfolio should tell you that it’s easier to make $ 1000 a day. Therefore, you cannot find the six-figure monthly income of a fairy tale.

Another thing that makes the program a must is Robby’s teaching technique. His video-based lesson aims as an eye-opener for the audience on the various circumstances that he experiences in his marketing journey.

Teaching is important as it can help you to prevent probable mistakes before you go along the way. It can help you to save a lot of money that you may lose by making errors and mistakes.

You will also be interested in Robby’s personality. As the fact that he is a successful and famous affiliate marketer. However, Robby is one of the cool guys that will make you enjoy his videos. He is a calm type that wanders you on the whole process peacefully.

You Plan on the Budget

The secret in an effective affiliate marketer is to spend money to chase for more. After investing your money in this program, you still need to spend in traffic. By this, you will learn tips on how to deliver the traffic while investing in the other. 

One thing about the Commission Hero is that you can choose to go after the organic traffic. That is to say, you can move your visitors to your site for free. This trick is suggested for newbies, and to those who want to understand more about the industry. The great thing about the open plan is to let you know about the sector without losing any cash.

If you want to use this free trick, you are required to learn about SEO before associating with the program. SEO is an important part of promoting your brand and even posts on social media. It’s a wide area, and that demands much attention. If you’re enthusiastic and smart, you can use SEO to maximize your benefit.

One disadvantage of that is its vast and inconsistency. So that if you are a beginner in the online marketing world, you may find it complicated to use this powerful tool, SEO.

However, you need to understand that free things don’t give instant results, particularly in the online world. If you want to earn the six figures promised, you must be willing to spend money on paid advertisements.

You can go for utilizing the marketing options recommended by Robby in the tutorials. A $1000 a day promise will inspire you to spend on ads. As many affiliates suggested, stop focusing on your loss rather than focus on how much you may have when the deal succeeds. 

You Learn at your Pace

Robby’s program is an interesting deal that makes it irresistible. Anyone would be willing to spend a $997 fee to access the product. But then again, you’re reminded of your complex schedule.

More people are forced to work even three shifts to meet the end faster. At this point, you find yourself asking if you can finish the video-based tutorials with such a schedule.

An awesome thing about these tutorials is that you don’t have to worry about your busy lifestyle. In as much as you can find some time, you can learn everything that Robby has to offer.

Robby’s videos are live, so you don’t have to worry about the missed video during the training. His videos are arranged in steps, in that way you can go through them as long as you can.

After availing the program, you will also be joined in their members-only Facebook group. The good thing that comes with these is that you can find Robby on that group. Also, with the help of the group, you can quickly get in touch with him. The reality that you can reach Robby any time means that you will be assisted in your difficulties.

Moreover, group members are from all over the world. The advantage of having a broad audience is that you can get one-on-one assistance, such as selecting products.

Always remember that products and markets depend on the region. If you find members from your neighborhood, that means they can also help you in choosing an item that may result based on the locality.

Additionally, the broad audience can provide you with tips and can motivate you. To have someone out there that will tell you that you can make it in the field is great. These act as fuel to this fantastic journey. 

The $1000 a day deal

Most people believe that the $1k/day deal is impossible. Some of them may say it is a scam. It is funny because they never even take a chance to study the program or just to figure out who’s behind the tutorial.

Yes, that figure may sound too good to be true. However, it is also true that this amount is possible to achieve. In fact, more people are already earning more than $1k/day.

With Robby’s help, you can quickly hit the millionaires club. Robby is a successful and famous online marketer. His profile is sufficient proof that you should not belittle the information that he shares on his videos.

If you are smart, you can make even more on affiliate marketing. Even without marketing skills, you can still earn the same amount. All you need to do is to come after the guidelines included in Robby’s videos.

Find the Critical Affiliate Marketing Techniques 

Affiliate marketing is a cruel world. Many innocent marketers join and intend to make a fortune on the platform. You may be fortunate enough and earn at least a market share. Unfortunately, more people become disappointed.

Affiliate marketing is a field that demands a lot of knowledge and skills to overcome every obstacle. It’s a platform that is vulnerable to changes. Therefore, before starting your journey as a marketer, you need a platform where you can gain every technique or knowledge that you may need to win in this harsh industry. 

Luckily, with Commission Hero, you will be provided with almost every info that you may require during your new journey as an affiliate. Like the Talk of the winning number and customer’s psychology.

Robby provides everything you should know there. Therefore, it’s up to you to access the materials and stay informed like the other successful people.

The great thing about Robby’s tutorials is that they are strategically organized. Therefore, you can direct into the areas you find yourself to be weak and start the learning while taking down notes. 

One year success policy

Everybody wants to see the result after the day of investment or as soon as possible. People may inquire, “What if Commission Hero didn’t give any best result?”

The answer is that the experience will help you to prepare for the next step, especially for unexpected circumstances. For the team and Robby, gives a money-back guarantee policy.

Sad to say, that some people don’t find it fascinating as it is a 12 months success policy. Therefore, you have to utilize the program for a year before you can say that it is a waste.

From a wider perspective, the 12 months success policy is intended for the patience fellows. Affiliate marketing is uncertain. Hence, it requires more patience. If you give up early, you most likely end up missing a fortune that was just a few steps ahead. 

Comparison of Commission Hero and Other Affiliate Programs 

As affiliate marketing has a wide competition, we show you the difference of Commission Hero on other affiliate programs. By this, you will be enlightened about what is the best program that may help you on your journey.

Four Percent Group

Lately, Four Percent Group has been creating headline news in the world of affiliate marketing. Vick Strizheus’ creation is famous for its $49 low monthly subscription.

With Vick’s plan, you will learn how to create sales funnels using a particular method, which is different from what you can see on Commission Hero. However, the platform needs you to join various marketing services. With the guide, you need to avail of extra services such as ClickFunnels and autoresponders.

The $49 price tag may be alluring. But, you need to know that you will spend more than that to see better results. The downside in using Vick’s program instead of Robby’s is that you will have to depend on a solo ad service. This strategy can be useful if only it brings quality traffic. 

Super Affiliate System

​Super Affiliate System is also an affiliate marketing program that you can’t avoid when the affiliate marketing debate emerges. It’s a system created by John Crestani that requires six weeks of your precious time.

John’s program will cost you $997, like with Commission Hero. Another that makes John’s program interesting is being in an organized state. Just like with Robby’s video-based tutorials, John’s guide starts with an introduction into the affiliate marketing world.

The first three weeks will discuss the basics. That’s how to set your goals, research, and strategy on how to search a profitable field to chase.

John is also preparing your mindset for an entrepreneur. After that, you will learn marketing techniques such as ads on Youtube and Facebook, and also how to control the traffic.

Compared to Commission Hero, Super Affiliate has more information that you may need to boost your game. Unfortunately, to obtain all the tricks, you will need time. That’s why most of the affiliates choose Robby’s platform because it is straight-forward and honest.

John’s program provides a variety of marketing methods. Therefore, choosing a method or design that you think will work for you can be a hell of a task.

Wealthy Affiliate 

​Wealthy affiliates are also considered as one of the best ways to study affiliate marketing. As it’s quite affordable. The program cost is just $49/month, which is way much lower than the Commission Hero.

With that subscription, you are guaranteed to host a WordPress Web and a keyword research tool. Wealthy affiliates are suitable for those who are into blogging and stuff. It focuses on content marketing. 

The platform helps you to know everything about the organic traffic that is independent of traffic services or paid ads. The program may work, but if you are not ready to post content often, this isn’t the platform for you.

Compared to Commission Hero, Wealthy Affiliates may take time before bringing results. With this program, you have to depend on organic traffic, which is moderate as compared to the one initiated by paid services. 


How much is the Commission Hero?

The current price is $997. It’s a one-time with a split payment option of $597.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

– Yes, you can, but not too soon. This is their official policy; Commission Hero wants you to take the course and put it to the test for a full 12-months. If you don’t get results in 12-months, you can request for a refund. But not before, and that means paying for Facebook advertising for 12 months.

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

As of now, what you see is what you get here. This is not a scam.

Can I do this and get paid even if I live in another country?

Yes! You can do this, and get paid, wherever the country you live in around the world. You will need a bank account or an address where the check can be sent so that you will be paid.

Final Verdict 

The entire procedure is simple to comprehend. Make tens of thousands of dollars working just a few hours a week. You’ll also get my weekly email, which is jam-packed with advice, techniques, and innovative ways to grow your internet business. People have already made millions of dollars. Most of the people preferred written guides over video-based. You know why? It is because text documents are best to use for the sake of references.

Well, for Commission Hero, the case is quite different. The videos there are easy to play. Therefore, you can check them out and see what they can offer.

You start making huge bucks when you advertise products and programs that have a high affiliate commission. This course is one of the most accurate affiliate marketing courses available today.

It offers instructional videos and tools that will assist you through the commission hero process or Commission Hero’s authentic process to make your sales funnel highly profitable.  If you have questions about this affiliate marketing platform, affiliate marketing business or about this affiliate marketing training and other affiliate products and affiliate offers, refund policy, average refund rate, success stories, ads accounts, independent marketing affiliate, reviews of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketplaces, affiliate business, affiliate marketing systems, affiliate marketing training systems, commission for affiliates, advertising expense, advertising policies, affiliate income, affiliate marketing game, advertising copy tools, day refund policy, advertising profits, advertising systems, post your questions in the comment box below. 

There is more about the program that you may not see in this article. You have to see it for yourself and have a chance to earn $1,000 a day. This is an honest review of Commission Hero Affiliate Marketing. Comment down your positive reviews or a  detailed review if you have any.

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