CB University Review 2021 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming rich? I think almost everybody does. But, how? Of course, we need to learn. However, many people cannot afford to go to a business school due to their heavy schedules. Thus, online money-making courses were born; ClickBank University is one among them. 

Cb University

What is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is an internet tutorial that is made for the purpose of helping people sell their own products. In addition, they also give tips about affiliate marketing on how to sell Clickbank products. You can check this link for a deeper understanding.

Founders of ClickBank University

  1. Justin Atlan

Justin Atlan introduces himself as “One of today’s most successful digital marketing and online entrepreneurship experts.” Why? Simply because he has taught a lot of people how to get started in putting up a business online. Among his expertise are how to build traffic and how to achieve financial freedom.

  1. Adam Horwitz 

Adam Horwitz as the co-founder of Clickbank is a very young affiliate marketer. At the age of 18, he started building up his own company which he named Yep Text. In his late teens, he then started making money teaching people how to earn online through his Mobile Monopoly program.

Horwitz is also responsible for courses like Cellphone Treasure, Tycoon Cashflow, and Dude I Hate My Job. So to speak, Horwitz can be considered a hit in this field of online marketing. 

  1. Milana Kalimullova / Milana Atlan 

Milana is the first person who would greet you when you start researching for Clickbank University. She is very active on Instagram and Linked. This UC Irvine graduate of BA in Economics is an expert in research, marketing, and affiliate management By the way, she is Justin Atlan’s wife. 

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Training Materials 

  1. CB U 2.0
  2. CB U 2.0 Live Q & A 
  3. ClickBank Builder
  4. CBU Forum
  5. Pro Courses//Traffic Vault
  6. Expert Interviews
  7. Market & Customer Research 
  8. The Official Copy Writing Guide
  9. Facebook Ads
  10. Buy and Sell Online Businesses

Core Training

  1. Affiliate Track – This part is the most popular as it is taught by Adam Horwitz. Many people choose this. If you want to earn money by selling other sellers’ products, then this course is good for you. This course includes an eight weeks training about affiliate marketing. Here is what to expect in those 8 weeks:
  • Week 1 – An Introduction to the training through a video.
  • Week 2 – Training on how to be an affiliate of the ClickBank Marketplace.
  • Week 3 – Training on finding the right niche and the ClickBank product that matches it. 
  • Week 4 – Training on Sales Funnels and Capture Pages. 
  • Week 5 – Training on a mailing list; how to create and its list content. 
  • Week 6 – Training on Email Marketing.
  • Week 7 – Training on marketing; techniques and strategies.
  • Week 8 – Training on affiliate marketing; how to scale up 
  1. Vendor Track – It is Justin Atlan which handles this course. This is a 12 weeks training for those who wish to make and sell their own products online. In that twelve weeks, you will learn the following: 
  • Week 1 – Introduction on how to create a product.
  • Week 2 – Training on how to find the perfect niche for your product
  • Week 3 – Training on how to understand your customer and how to make them feel that they need your product.
  • Week 4 – Training on how to make the best content for a video or a bloch about what you sell 
  • Week 5 – Training on how to do some upselling with proper timing
  • Week 6 – Training on how to write the best sales page for what you sell
  • Week 7 – Training on how to create the most attractive video to boost your sales 
  • Week 8 – Training on how to come up with a product that would make a hit in the market 
  • Week 9 – Training on how to sell your product through the ClickBank market 
  • Week 10 – Training on how to be known to ClickBank affiliates.
  • Week 11 – Training on how to test the product you sell 
  • Week 12 – Training on how to level up your business tool.

Freebies upon completion of a course

  1. A printed certificate of completion to be mailed to the first 1,000 people to complete either course. You can take your course at a lower price by clicking on this link now!
  2. Training on how to build traffic on Facebook funnels through Mastermind webinars every month.
  3. Training on the most updated techniques and strategies from Gary Vaynerchuck about how to be successful in the realm of online marketing.
  4. Question and answer every week with Justin, Adam, Matt, and Gary so you can get advice on what you are having a hard time with.
  5. Be included in the Facebook community of successful ClickBank Marketers, The Total Traffic Center.
  6. Extended hours of up to date training modules.
  7. More training content downloads
  8. Social advertising, SEO techniques, and YouTube tutorials.
  9. Free Community Support 

How to enroll in ClickBank 

  • Simply go to their website
  • On the homepage, you will find a short video introduction of why you need to enroll at ClickBank. 
  • When you are done watching the video, scroll down and click on the button that says “Yes, I want to join ClickBank University”
  • Fill out the field asking for your name and email address
  • Click “Final Step”
  • It will prompt you to another video which serves as your Order Form
  • On the right side of the page, you will see the amount of order
  • Below the video, fill out the email address portion
  • Fill out the billing information
  • Choose your payment method (credit card or PayPal)
  • If it’s a credit card, fill out the cardholder name field, the card number, the expiration date, the card security code, the country, and the zip code
  • If it’s PayPal, then fill out the field asking for country and zip code
  • Tick on the Terms and Conditions Agreement box
  • Click on “Pay Now”   

How to Earn at ClickBank University

  1. Be a vendor. As we all know, vendors decide what to sell. You can sell in person, digital, or both. As long as you earn, then there is not any problem.

Digital products are ebooks, software, or membership programs. These products are those that you can sell through an order form. 

On the other hand, you can opt to sell tangible products. Consumable products are tangible products. In order to complete a transaction, you need to process the order, the payment, the delivery,, and attend to the customers’ feedback.

Always remember that your customers can tell whether you are an expert with the products you sell. So, make sure your product is something that you find interesting.

  1. Be a ClickBank affiliate. Simply put, affiliates are product promoters and endorsers. 

CB has Hoplink, which is given to affiliates as a referral link. When a customer clicks on that link and then purchases, then that is an earning for you. For every sale, you get a commission. With this, it is important to establish a customer base to fully promote products.

 Note: ClickBank recognizes many payment methods. You can use credit and/or Paypal. In this way, transactions are quick and easy.  

Vendor Pitch Page

So you are now done with deciding what product to sell. The next step is to have a pitch page. The pitch page is sort of the territory of your product. It shows the highlights of what you sell, and it convinces your readers to purchase it. 

With your pitch page, you can use any method which you think will be of help in promoting your product. You can write a blog, upload videos, or both. It is advisable to check on some advertising tips before you start your pitch page. 

One good thing about having an account in ClickBank is that you can heighten your marketing. A discount, a gift card, a coupon, a referral bonus, or e-money are just some of the promotions available. 

Steps on how to be a vendor at ClickBank

  1. You need to submit a request for approval by ClickBank.
  2. Set up your Pitch Page. 
  3.  Apply your marketing strategies
  4. Invite affiliates

How to build a customer base

Below is a list of tips on how to earn a lot by being an affiliate on ClickBank. They are as follows:

  • You should know what your niche is – Ask yourself, what is the product that you are most familiar with. You should be selling something which you know by heart. Once you have figured that out, then you can start promoting because you know the product details even with your eyes closed. 
  • You should have a platform – When customers find that you are easy to talk with, you would gain their trust. Be reachable by having your own platform. There are so many online selling platforms as well as social media networks. 
  • You need to build a pool of followers  – As you become reachable, and as you become visible, more and more people would start following you, when you have many followers, your reputation also grows. Whether an affiliate or a vendor, with more followers, then it means more purchase, and of course more money to follow.  

Ten most popular affiliates

  1. Hubspot
  2. Hammacher Schlemmer
  3. Clickfunnels
  4. Improvely
  5. Liquid Web
  6. Kinsta
  7. Puffy Mattress
  8. Shopify Plus
  9. Thinkific
  10. Spocket Affiliate Program

Final Verdict

CB University charges a one-time payment. It offers online courses, advanced training, practical application, and an immense opportunity to earn money from direct sales. It is recommended to apply for your course content from CB university. There are a number of websites that offer CB University content. However, it is recommended to purchase from their official site. Get help from professionals and enhance your ability to sell and earn a lot of money. students/ international students and is looking for lessons for students, materials for students, traditional student loans, student connections, options for students, collaboration between students or Student wellness, you can connect to the official site to know more of it.


‍♂️ How much do I need to pay to join ClickBank?

There is a one-time payment for the activation fee of $49.95. This is for vendors. There are no charges for affiliates.

How do I get paid from ClickBank?

ClickBank will send you a check to the address registered on your account.

‍♀️ What if I want to cancel or request a refund?

You can submit an email stating your cancellation and requesting your refund to cbu@clickbank.com. Though you have cancelled your enrollment, you can still ask Justin or Adam on the Q&A weekly session  

How many weeks is the course?

For Affiliates, it is 8 weeks. For vendors, it is 12 weeks.


In this article, we have introduced ClickBank University. We have also introduced the three founders of this online marketing vendor-affiliate tool. 

The two ways by which we can earn through ClickBank University have also been explained. So now it is up for you on which to decide. Money is easy through online selling, you just need to have a deeper understanding of how it goes. That is where ClickBank University comes to the rescue. 

Do you have any insights to share? We will be waiting for you. Leave a comment on the box below!

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