Paid Social Media Jobs Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

In this century, major social media sites become popular such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. They also turned out to be a vital tool for businesses. Many people think that social media jobs a scam however it is not true. Social media channels are the biggest platform for business at this moment.

Paid Social Media Jobs

Today, companies all over the world (starting from billion-dollar giants to small LLC starting today) are hiring more people to tweet, post, follow, and share on their behalf. People will be getting earnings for managing their accounts—the reason why lots of people are into Paid Social Media Jobs.

The large scale of progress in social media for the last years allowed a new related job called Social Media Specialist or Managers. These are those employees who are on a full-time or part-time basis that work at home and in charge of social media accounts of the company.

By continuing to read this article, I will show you how you can make money out of social media. Also, you will completely understand how Paid Social Media Job works.

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What is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Job is an online marketplace that can be used to find well-paid jobs and work as a freelancer on a full time or part-time basis. Most of the tasks that posted here are about managing the social media platform of the businesses or companies that don’t have time to manage their accounts.

The tasks are usually simple activities such as answering comments, posting or tweeting, generating likes and followers, and more. The site said that it doesn’t require any skills or experience to do these jobs. If you are knowledgeable in using social media platforms, you are ready to go.

Paid Social Media Jobs offers broad different jobs and works as free classified ads on the internet. All you have to do is to apply, and then you can start working.

Founder of the Program

Annie Jones founded the Paid Social Media Jobs in 2012. She is the lady in video calls on the site.

According to her, she experienced being broke and a depressed woman swimming in debt. Then suddenly, she met a woman who teaches her how to get paid in social media jobs. That changed her life completely. 

Features of Paid Social Media Jobs

As this new industry is rapidly growing, new communities are also growing around the social media marketplace to offer full time or part-time jobs. This is one of the leading platforms that helped tons of people to start a new career.

Paid Social Media Jobs come up with comprehensive training as a Social Media Manager. You can do it even without needing a previous job experience, knowledge on using social media is all you need.

There’s an increasing demand for this kind of job all over the world. The Paid Social Media Jobs pdf course will give some training guidelines for you to work as an expert in social media management. Joining this program, you will be qualified and get paid in doing simple task such as:

  • Post / Tweets
  • Replying in comments
  • Uploading videos
  • Sending images
  • Posting promos
  • Helping clients to get more likes, repost, followers, or fans

Progressively, your online communication abilities and digital eBusiness and eMarketing skill will develop, together with your salary or professional fee.

Paid Social Media Jobs has a free access database that will show you the hundreds of social media jobs available where you can choose from. The program also has tips and techniques to make income and be paid immediately. 

Additionally, you will be shown how to get any free trial products from companies as a social media manager. You can start offering you social media services if you follow all the guidelines in the course.


Paid Social Media Jobs contains four modules. These are videos that will help you to understand the process.

Module 1 – Understanding Social Media Clients – this is a 26 minutes video that will present the kind of clients you could encounter and the assumption on social media.

Module 2 – How to be a Social Media Manager – All the information on how to become a professional and associate with clients are here.

Module 3 – Introduction to Social Media Management – Aims to develop skills and expertise in handling the branding, communication planning, and marketing.

Module 4 – Improved Training Program – It will help you to understand the essentiality of social media for business marketing completely. Also, you will be updated on all of the social platforms.

By this, you will know how to create, manage, and work on all accounts. You will be skilled in creating a positive impression on yourself and get the great jobs available. Lastly, you will make your time useful and learn the strategies to get the work done in no time.

Paid Social Media Jobs Tasks

If you spend most of your time on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or on any other social platform, then Why don’t you find a career that will pay you on using your social media savvy? Here we will show you the various paid jobs and descriptions.

  1. Marketing Manager – that runs advertisement campaigns in social media and website ads.
  2. Art director – is the one who’s responsible for the artistic image in online and offline advertisements. 
  3. Copywriter – are in charge of writing engaging copy for social media posts. It was usually making content to promote a brand using 140 characters or less.
  4. Customer service representative – People are likely to use social media apps when they have a question or complaint. Customer service representatives answer questions in social media messages and comments to solve issues and increase customer satisfaction.
  5. Graphic designer – making creative images using Photoshop or any other computer apps. They develop images, designs, and motion graphics like GIFs and Cinemagraphs. Graphic designers know how to make engaging, informative social media content.
  6. Film and video editor – Video performs very well on social media platforms. It is creating short content that lives exclusively on social media.
  7. Public relations specialist – responsible for helping brands and people present a positive public image. It will help to monitor brand perception on social media.
  8. Market research analyst – they study market conditions to evaluate the market for a product or service. Assess the social media landscape to know what people want, who the current and potential buyers are, and how to price the product.
  9. Promotions manager – People often say that social media is “pay to play”—meaning a brand must spend money to get more people to see its content. They are creating paid media strategies, as well as purchasing incentives like sales, sweepstakes, contests, exclusive gifts, and coupons.
  10. Account manager – is the person who’s responsible for contacting the client and other team members to create marketing strategies.

Tips on How to be Successful

There are steps to be a successful Social Media Manager that you will see in the program. Once you joined in Paid Social Media Jobs, you will be guided into:

  1. Create and design a captivating resume to get the attention of probable clients or employers. Make a curriculum vitae that will surely convince them that you are perfect for the job.
  2. Trade your proficiency. Showcase your strong skills and abilities to convince your soon-to-be employer that their company needs your services.
  3. Make sure that your possible employer trusted you to handle their social media accounts.
  4. Be knowledgeable in the legal aspects of your contract.
  5. Meet your deadlines as your clients expected you to do.
  6.  Be professional.
  7. Get paid on your services. You can do several small tasks like reviewing applications online.
  8. Follow up on your client’s late payments.

How Does the Media Job Work?

Most of the people made to get jobs and get paid with the use of social media. Here are some of the tasks that the company wants you to do on their social media accounts.

  • Take charge on their accounts
  • Posting video
  • Commenting on posts
  • Share their pages to obtain followers or likes
  • Sending or replying to messages

It works because many companies want to take advantage of social networks to scale their businesses.

Based on Facebook, nearly 50 million businesses are using social pages to communicate with their clients.

It is the reason why Paid Social Media Jobs focuses on social media projects and helps to connect job seekers with prospective employers. They also guide you through creating killer resumes that will help you hire faster. Check out similar opportunities on this website.


Paid Social Media Jobs offers more opportunity to work virtually. Here we will show you the benefits of having this program.

  1. You can work whenever you desire and wherever you are.
  2. It offers an opportunity for everyone regardless of work experience.
  3. Make you feel confident and not be intimidated if you are new to this industry.
  4. It will give you formal training in E-business and E-marketing.
  5. You can work from your home and don’t be stressed about the traffic outside.


Paid Social Media Job is a great site that allows everyone. Here are the advantages of having this program.

Step-by-Step Guide – Yes, the site provides complete information that is arranged logically in a step-by-step manner. So, this means that you will be getting value for your money. That information will help you to get high-paying clients.

A Legit Business Model – This program promotes/ advertises a genuine business model. If you have the knowledge and skills, managing the social media accounts of companies can be a rewarding career. You can make lots of money in this field.

Risk-Free Registration – It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee after the registration. So, if you don’t like the product or services offered, then they can refund your payment without any difficulties.

As for now, there was no negative feedback on this product. As you can see, this program is just trying to help people to find job opportunities in social media.

FAQs about Social Media Jobs

Is Paid Social Media Job legit?

This program offers high-quality training that can help you to prepare in the job market. This is not a scam. It is legit that you utilize you to gain financial stability while working at home.

What does a social media manager do?

A social media manager is responsible for setting strategy for an upcoming product launch, designing viral GIF, analyzing data across platforms, coordinating messaging with PR & Communications, running paid advertisements, creating a video, and more.

Are Paid Social Media Jobs for free?

You can download it for free. You only have to pay for membership fees that cost you $17. It is a discounted price for a limited time only.


Paid Social Media Jobs can help you to be a social media professional with a mix of technical, comPaid Social Media Jobs can help you to be a social media professional with a mix of technical, communication, and digital skills, and a comprehensive marketing approach. I strongly suggest this program to everyone who wants to change their financial fortunes by working remotely on social media platforms. Get financial freedom! If you have queries about Social media careers, social media marketing, access to training, Advanced Training, comprehensive training package, training modules, or other things related to Paid social media Jobs, ask them away. Earn real money today!

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