Cinderella Solution Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

The Cinderella Solution is a reducing weight solution for women who already tried other systems but did not succeed. Anyone can lose some pounds. They just have to remove those belly fats.

Cinderella Solution

The main challenge is that when the weight comes back. It is unusual for some people to gain more weight after doing some diet. It results in a woman being emotionally stressed because that situation can lose her confidence, self-esteem, and the need to be socially active.

Using this Cinderella Solution will help you to create healthy eating habits. Anyhow, it will also teach you about the importance of food and how it can energize your body. Click on this link to discover the right information about customizing plans in reaching your body goals.

What is Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is the latest program, where you can lose weight in 28 days. It is a series of eBooks in PDF form that you can access on your computer or any mobile device.

This solution is designed especially for women. It consists of two main phases that will teach you directly. Each stage provides a 14 days meal plan that you may follow. Check out The Lost Book of Remedies Review for natural health cure.

Unlike the other programs that will just minimize your food diet, this program will let you eat in a way to maximize the fat burning process of the body. The Cinderella Solution will explain to you how to make a food combination that will guide you through wealthy and healthy goals.

The program will be providing low-intensity exercises that aid you to damage the scar tissues in your joints. Most of the workout focuses on abdominal muscles, hips, and butt to start reducing your weight.

Upon starting the Cinderella Solution, you can choose two different paths. In that case, you can customize a little bit as you begin to reduce some weight. You will also see more helpful information that will help you to educate better in nutrition and how the effects apply to change your lifestyle and daily routines. Watch how the solution transforms you, and click on this link now.

About the Creator

Carly Donovan created Cinderella Solution. She is a fitness instructor in a local gym. Women can relate to her weight loss story. She experienced difficulties in reducing weight. She also became frustrated with the usual diets, and she felt like living in unhealthy conditions despite her desire to lose weight. Get more info on losing weight from Forskolin 250 Review on this site.

Carly gained over 100 pounds, and she was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. This incident led her to find a way that would help her to reduce weight and keep fit for good. She started her research to find what could help her to achieve the positive results that she desires. Then she created the Cinderella Solution.

Cinderella Solution is from a fitness instructor with a marketing idea and brand. From an average person who wants to have a solution from her struggles with gaining weight. Carly Donovan resolves the hormonal imbalances and metabolic issues that stop her from having the lifestyle that she desires. Nowadays, the Cinderella Solution is accessible to anyone who wants to lose weight!

Inclusions of the Cinderella Solution

The main idea of Cinderella Solution is divided into four parts. These are the guides and plans that will help you to achieve your goals. Here are the contents of each module.

 First Module 

weight loss
  • Introduce you to the system.
  • Learn about the pairing of foods based on their flavor profiles.
  • It has useful information on how and when to sustain your body to ensure good results.
  • The sequence of exercises will benefit you to know more about the crucial part of the program.

 Second Module

  • 14 days plan in preparing foods
  • Delicious recipes that will make you feel satisfied even if you’re trying to reduce weight.
  • Information about macro nutritional needs.
  • Educate you on how to group foods correctly.

 Third Module

  • Making DIY meals
  • Learn about portions
  • Will teach you how to stop the craving, so that all the effort can’t be ruined.

 Final Module

  • Detailed information about food flavors and combinations.
  • This final stage will prepare you ready for any challenges to help you keep fit and healthy.

Food combination of this Program

You will find several food combinations in Cinderella Solution that will please your taste buds. The design is that if you love eating and you understand why it is essential, then you could be more careful and control the portions that you ingest. You will see these particular combinations on meal plan such as:

  • Green tea with mint.
  • Chocolate and fresh apples.
  • Sweet potatoes and Greek yoghurt.
  • Fish and fresh garlic.
  • Berries with low-fat Ricotta.

You will eat three meals a day when you begin the Ignite stage. Each one is included in the program that helps the food combination to regulate the hormones naturally.

Next, you’ll go to the Launch portion of the Cinderella Solution. In this part of the program, you will get to eat four meals each day. Every meal is planned with the food combination listed above to inspire everyone to lose weight.

The creator, Donovan, lost 84 pounds with this program. She managed to keep fit over the years. Now you can also try Cinderella Solution to achieve your fitness goals too.

Benefits of Food Combination

The benefits of these combinations are profound. You don’t need to count on calories to assure that you’re keeping yourself healthy. In that case, you can focus more on your body than worrying about food intake.

losing weight

You can see fast results by using Cinderella Solution. Some women could lose 12 pounds in the first week of the program. Effects may vary; it depends on your starting weight and how you apply the process.

Women that initiate the program aren’t required to eat meals from the cardboard boxes. They can eat real foods every day. The program includes over 50 videos of exercises that will help a lot to target the insulin, cortisol, and insulin in the body that may cause you to gain unwanted weight.

What is the Flavor Pairing?

Japan started the flavor pairing. It is a practice that specializes in creating different combinations with the use of similar compounds.

Flavor pairing consists of two or more ingredients mixed to develop something new and exciting. That’s why jelly and peanut butter sandwiches are delectable for everyone. The main reason why Cinderella Solution has flavor pairing is because of the excitement that stimulates the pleasure in mind. Human brains desire more of it when there is something that feels good to do.

Therefore, reducing weight doesn’t require a painful or torturous process. If you are eating healthy flavor combinations that generate pleasure, then you can change your approach to food. Cinderella Solution will teach you some food pairing that works more efficiently with others. When you have a strategic approach to the food you eat, you can also create a positive result on your metabolism and gastrointestinal tract.

Examples of Food Pairing

Carly Donovan created over forty delicious food combinations that will indulge your taste buds. We’ve also put some lists of healthy flavors that may help you to boost efforts in reducing weight.

Avocado and Tomato

This combination adds healthy fat in your diet. It increases the absorption of carotenoids, which work in the body. That lessens the risk of the development of the disease. Then add some olive oil to increase the immersion even more.

Beef and Broccoli

With this combination, you can have a significant amount of boost in Vitamin C. This nutrient aids in sustaining the iron in its ferrous form, which may improve the body’s ability to absorb it. Broccoli provides more vitamins than orange.

If you hate broccoli, you can have carrots with beef instead. It will provide you with a dose of Vitamin A.

Kale and Salmon

If your diet has enough Vitamin D, your calcium absorption will improve. This combination is essential to keep the skeletal system healthy. This flavor combination will increase the level of calcium and Vitamin D.

Strawberries and Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a gluten-free product that has the same way of use as any other flour. Using this, you can make bread, biscuits, and even pizza dough. The most popular choices are pancakes. It has rutin, an antioxidant that matches the Vitamin C found in the strawberries to block the LDL cholesterol oxidation.

Jalapenos and Tofu

This strange combination will provide your body with an excellent dose of isoflavones and capsaicin. These foods can lessen the inflammation levels in your body. If you don’t like Tofu, you can have Edamame as a replacement.

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 In Cinderella Solution, you will discover a set of mouthwatering recipes that will motivate you to consider the fun of flavor combinations. You can achieve great results if you make these new eating habits together with the simple exercise that is included in the program. 

What is ICE Dysfunction?

The Cinderella Solution centers on ICE dysfunction in women to encourage this program that can lose weight in just 28-days. At the time that your body becomes insulin resistant, then more than that must be done to process the food you eat. This process will result in hormonal imbalance that can change your metabolic rate rather than usual.

cinderella solution

This program will teach you how to figure out the symptoms of ICE dysfunction. Then you must begin the plan to restore the balance in your body.

People that have difficulties in insulin resistance commonly diagnosed with prediabetes from their doctor. This condition is not automatically; you have type 2 diabetes, but it increases the possibility that disease may grow.

There are particular lifestyle and diet options that may escalate the threat of insulin resistance when they develop. Maybe you’re eating food that is insufficient in magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Your diet might have a few fibrous foods that can trigger your condition. The Cinderella Solution will utilize you in dealing with all of this; in that way, you could start losing pounds and inches immediately.

Causes of ICE Dysfunction

There are more causes of ICE dysfunction. Each risk depends on an individual’s ethnicity, lifestyle, and genetic factors. Positively changing your daily habits can seriously lower the risk factor of having a chronic disease in the future.

Do you experience difficulties in these areas? These are the categories of causes that may affect ICE dysfunction.


reduce weight

Your diet can affect insulin tolerance in two dangerous ways. When you eat too many calories every day, in that case, it can trigger the body to gain weight. This compound may boost ICE dysfunction risk. Some foods may increase them as well; that is why it is recommended to follow the suggestions in Cinderella Solution to reverse the complications.

Body Weight

When your BMI or body mass index is 30 and above, this is risky where the insulin resistance boosts rapidly. Anyone who has excess fat in the abdomen and waist area is riskier in this case. That may happen when the cell produces hormones that can prevent insulin from processing foods.

  • Chronic Inflammation

People with unwanted fats in the waist may have a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting their health. This issue can provoke more health issues, including ICE dysfunction.

  • Sedentary Habits

Your body will change to regulate the glucose process when you don’t get enough work out every day. It is essential to have at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week to maintain sugar levels at healthy levels. Light movements after a meal can also help to motivate the muscle tissues to consume sugars without having insulin.

  • Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping can negatively affect insulin sensitivity. In some people, it may cause difficulties with hormone production. Given that these activities are supplemented with nicotine, up to 3 hours of sleep may lose every night that happens to increase resistance.

You are at high risk of this condition, especially if you are using steroids, having high blood pressure, or you came from a particular ethnicity. Age is also a factor. Ages above 45 are riskier. 

Anyone who experiences this condition may benefit from the program. Start the Cinderella Solution to change your lifestyle and to have new nutritional guidelines.

Benefits of Cinderella Solution

weight loss programs

The Cinderella Solution gives an excellent solution for women who want to reduce their weight. Here are the benefits that you can get if you follow the program correctly.

  • It will teach you about nutrition and meal planning.
  • Several essential tips to consider to encourage the fat burning process of your body.
  • More women can sleep better after they start to lose some weight.
  • You can feel that you look more than yourself again.
  • This solution can lessen the effects of aging.

Who Should Use the Cinderella Solution?

Everyone can use and benefit from the information provided by the Cinderella Solution. If you find ways to work out and you can make healthier food choices, therefore it will be harder for your body to collect fat cells around your belly.

This program is basically for women ages 30 years old and above. It is planned for people that have at least 10 pounds to lose to reach their body mass index goals.

It is approached directly to nutrition. Proper nutritional guidelines and exercise expectations support the facts that you will receive in this program. It is a solution where you can follow without ongoing investments, significant adjustments, or other obstacles that you can see in fad diets.

This program will teach you how to boost your energy levels by consuming healthy meals correctly. The Cinderella Solution also provides knowledge about the beverages that you may add to your diet plan to sustain your goals. It even shows you the steps to change so you can maximize your heart-healthy exercises daily.


The Cinderella Solution is one of the best solutions in maintaining and permanent weight loss. As a result of its unique way of assembly, definitely, there is something for everyone. Let’s see the benefits and best features of this program.

  • Designed for women

Weight loss is contrasting for men and women. They have differences in the body figure, hormonal function, and many other factors. Weight loss in women needs a different approach.

That is why Cinderella Solution is customized for women and their particular needs in reducing weight.

  • Contains easy exercises

More people love their happy life and can make work out as a center of their day. It doesn’t look practical for many women to do that. Going to the gym or in a pre-organized exercise isn’t that easy for stay-at-home moms or even for the working woman.

That is the reason why Cinderella Solution is an excellent chance for those who don’t have enough time. Unlike the other weight loss programs, Cinderella Solutions are not that requiring more equipment or too much intensity workouts. It focuses more on diet and food combinations, which helps in boosting weight loss and regulates hormones.

  • Detailed information

Cinderella Solution has complete and detailed information. This program provides enough scientifically-based facts that will help you to burn all the unwanted fats for right from your hormonal functions to macro nutrition, and other informative topics.

It will provide you with what you need to start to have a better, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle. It has all the facts, tips, and theories on reducing weight that you have to know. 

  • Practical and Useful Tools

The second part of the program gives exceptional tools that can help on your journey with the program. It is a useful tracking on what you eat and when you eat it in 14 days.

Moreover, the recipes can add some exciting flavor to your routine. Most notably, you will have enough delicious meals throughout the program.

  • Reasonable Price

The Cinderella Solution has an excellent value of money. For a program that offers valuable information for women. When you shop online, you will get some exciting offers or deals. This program offers just a single purchase only, unlike the other product that requires you to make an ongoing purchase. This program is an excellent investment for women ages 30 and above who cry out to lose weight for good.

  • Money-back Guarantee

To prove that this product is safe and effective, it offers a money-back policy. Fake products or scams will never give an option for returning your money and the product if you are not satisfied.

However, the company is very confident in the quality of this program. They offer a 60-day refund policy in Cinderella Solution. You can ask for a full refund if this product doesn’t help in losing weight problems.


Cinderella Solution is not that perfect. This product has some disadvantages.

  • Online product – The program is only available for online purchases.
  • Requires commitment 

This product promises to help you in losing weight. At your end, you need to put in some effort and commitment. If you want a visible and long-lasting effect, you have to commit to what the program recommends and follow accordingly. 

  • Takes time for the result 

You have to come after the meal plan for at least 28 days. After that, you can see the result. If you follow the recommended workouts and continue the meal plan, you can achieve your body goals for good.

  • Focuses on Women

While women tend to centre more on their weight issues, we can’t say that men don’t have difficulties concerning their weight. That is why we feel that the product’s women-only focus is a disadvantage to men who are also searching for a useful solution to their weight loss problems.

FAQs about the program

What is the price of Cinderella Solution?

Right now, the program comes at $37.00.

Where can I avail The Cinderella Solution?

The program is only available on the official website.

Is the Purchase Secure?

It processes an online transaction by using a security system like those used in the bank’s operations. This system ensures that your data while purchasing is secured.


For ladies who wish to lose weight, the Cinderella Solution is a fantastic option. The Cinderella Solution provides information that anyone may utilise and benefit from. It will be more difficult for your body to collect fat cells around your belly if you find ways to exercise and eat healthy foods.

The Cinderella Answer is the perfect solution for women who are struggling to lose weight. The Cinderella Solution is an effective weight loss programme because, unlike other weight loss programmes, it focuses on the wants and requirements of women as they lose weight. Users also shared their weight loss journey and

success stories

and mentioned about how happy they were with the results. The programme also involves combining certain types of food to develop a meal plan. The female metabolism and the female body is complicated but we can make it work. If you gained some extra pounds, you can loose them with this programme. From healthy food, combination of foods,  common diet foods, workout plans, daily meal plans, food combination guidelines, you can gain rapid weight loss and reach your desirable weight. The bodies of women grows different for different ages of women. So the programme sets gentle workout protocol. This program causes you no stress of aggressive diets and hardcore workout routines. Hundreds of customers have positive things to say about this programme. While the Cinderella Solution does not explicitly aim to treat slow metabolism, body conditions like  thyroid or diabetes, and heart-related conditions, many women supposedly reported improvements in such areas. This programme can be the first step to revamping fat-burning, the rest revolves around making healthier lifestyle choices like eating habits, activity level, healthy levels etc. Helps achieve goals for women. You can also contact the customer support team for more assistance. 

Do you want to experience these tremendous changes in this easy-to-follow diet program? What are you waiting for? Avail Cinderella Solution and start your journey now!

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