The Ex Factor Guide Review 2021 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

A perfect, effective, and fully detailed guide to achieve the greatest life hack ever – get your ex back! The Ex Factor Guide is an eBook which takes the readers on a journey through the various phase of getting back with your ex. It gives you all the inside details of what works and what makes you fall flat on your face! These tips could definitely make or break your chances of getting back with them, so read on to learn more.

the ex-factor

Breakups are always quite messy and things end way too horribly than intended. Especially the time after breakup is hard. A lot of hurts is felt by both parties, and often in the heat of the moment, the words sound harsher than ever. Since you cannot go back in time and undo all of the things that led up to that very day, you can at least try to get back to the person you love.

Consider this eBook your guardian angel! The Ex Factor Guide helps you bring that ‘X Factor’ back in your life and personality so that you seem way more charming and desirable than ever, to your ex. Often times the relationship ends abruptly mostly on a big misunderstanding, and in the chase of getting your ex back you end up making a lot of avoidable mistakes. Hence, grab this book now to get set on the right path

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About The Ex Factor Guide

about ex-factor

This romance (or, breakup) guide is packed with practical details and lists of action items that you can proactively include in your daily lifestyle. It is said a lot of little things help getting to the final destination, and your final destination winning back your ex’s heart! However, the road to that is filled with rocky turns and bumpy rides. So, just click on this link and get this eBook now to make sure that your ways are effective, smart, and charming!

The Ex Guide is more than just a getting back your ex book, though. You can also read this book to gain a deeper understanding of your current romantic relationship, and become much more level headed and thoughtful while dealing with the problems that arise. It will give you all the red flags that you may have without your knowing, and how to turn those into your charisma. All of the stupid, thoughtless, and impulsive ideas that may run inside your head after the breakup are clearly addressed in this book.

All of those first few thoughts, and the initial inability to do anything productive after the end of a serious relationship – are all mentioned here. It is like looking inside your mind with a magnifying glass. You will not only understand the dynamics of relationships better, but also pick up helpful tips on how to appear more enigmatic, charming, and attractive to your desired ones.  

Inside The Ex Factor Guide

inside ex-factor

There are millions of relationship books by gurus everywhere, but what sets The Ex Factor Guide apart from them is the fact that this eBook is actually offering you advice on how to better yourself, instead of chasing a relationship that badly ended.  This book nowhere dictates what you must do about your ex, instead of tells you all the secret tips and tricks on how to better yourself.

This way, you are becoming your best self, thereby making your ex want to get back with you. Growth in character is always much appreciated and celebrated in relationships, and with your personality glow up, it will not be much longer before your ex is back, wanting to be at your side.

Perks of The Ex Factor Guide 


The best part about this eBook is that it makes no discrimination among any of the genders. No matter whom you want to be with, this book is there to rescue you the falling into the same old tropes of failed romance. Packed with serious advice from a man who has been a relationship counselor for a long time, you can rest assured of getting only the best, and the most refined of advice to get back at your game.


Also, all of it is packed in a neat 160-pages package! Nothing better than a short and effective read. There are several benefits of the program, and that is why it has become one of the most admired and trusted bestselling breakup advice guidebook! Read on to learn more the pros of the book:

  • Clear and easy to understand. Simple language and real advice based on years of relationship counseling.
  • Divided into bite-sized chapters and sections to make the content much more comprehensible and uncomplicated.
  • Flat 60 days cash back guarantee if you think it does not work for you.
  • Become the best attractive version of yourself and get your ex back in the process of the transformation.


cons of ex-factor
  • It focuses heavily on the mistakes that have caused the relationship to end, that might be triggering for some.
  • Had a manipulative undertone.
  • Asks you to have a change in personality in order to please the person you desire.
  • You might feel the book puts the wishes and desires of your partner above yours.
  • A little vague at some parts.
  • Only available to be read online.

Final Verdict

This book is not a magic wand. It takes time to work. However, it has tonnes of advice for you to get back your X-factor. Relationship advice, Actionable advice, and other useable advice. The bunch of detailed advice helps readers to enhance their personality. This online program comes with a 3-hours video program and a 5-hours audio program bonus. This is another reason to have this digital program. I would recommend this program. Try it today


Is The Ex Factor Guide eBook a scam?

No, it is not a scam. It is an eBook with the most trusted and effective relationship, or breakup, advice. You can read more by clicking on the website link.

What does The Ex Factor Guide teach?

The Ex Factor Guide teaches the importance of understanding past mistakes and learning from yourself to better your personality. By increasing your charms and attractiveness, you automatically make your ex want to get back with you.

Is a cashback option available?

Yes, you can purchase this eBook totally free of any risks. You are guaranteed a straight 60-day money-back option if you feel like this book has not lived up to its name.


There is no need to be broken over someone. Rather, this book instructs the mandatory thirty-one days of the ‘cooling period’ which is very much essential to gather your thoughts and kick-start your confidence. The Ex Factor Guide helps you get into the mind of your ex so that you can keep your ex engaged in you for long.

They must always have your thoughts running, that way it helps to make an even stronger picture of getting back together. The natural instincts kick in and your ex will be intrigued, wondering, and even jealous of seeing you with others. All of this ultimately makes you much more desirable and attractive to them.

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