Super Affiliate System Review 2021 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Affiliate marketing is growing expeditiously all over the world. Forecast anticipation that from approximately $4 billion in 2015, the size will be doubled in 2025. This is expected as the statistics report that the transaction made with affiliate marketing was 170 million in 2017.

Super Affiliate System

Investing is the best way to be successful in affiliate marketing courses. The challenge here is to sort the diamonds from the rough. Because there are thousands of courses from so-called “professional” marketers and it’s hard to choose which is which.

That is the reason why we provide this Super Affiliate System review. The Super Affiliate System is a famous marketing course. More people have been tried and said that they have been successful with this. You can sign up for the free training webinar here.

The package is quite expensive. Therefore, you need to know everything about the course and the benefits of the system before availing it.

In this review, we will show you the facts about the Super Affiliate System, including the pros and cons. We also added the features and benefits of the course.

What Is the Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani creates the Super Affiliate System. It is designed to provide everything that is needed by affiliate marketers so that they can start the journey of becoming one of a super affiliate.

Super affiliates like John, are affiliate marketers who have created extremely successful strategies. That has been used to earn a large amount of money in their net income.

The Super Affiliate System will help you to speed up the marketer’s success. Though super affiliates can’t be developed overnight, the course will give them tools to prepare the successful affiliate marketing program from the very start. Before you invest in the course, you can check a webinar here in this link. This is a free webinar that helps you understand it. You can find the best webinar software guide from here, just in case you need it.


The Super Affiliate System has over 50 hours of content that can finish over six weeks. It is one of the broadest courses on the market. The program consists of video tutorials and lectures, together with the quizzes and homework assignments, to check the retention of material.

The Super Affiliate System’s purpose is to give a complete system that affiliate marketers can use to become a super affiliate. Consequently, this course is wide-ranging. The modules of the information or study contained the following:

  • Facebook ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Social ads
  • Native ads
  • Google ads
  • Advanced strategies
  • Click funnels
  • Niche selection
  • Content creation
  • Website creation
  • Tracking and testing
  • Affiliate networks

These are just some of the key concepts tackled in the program. Not just providing substantial information on these topics, John Crestani also works on reviewing material and leads the marketers through the activity.

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The System is Recommended For

The Super Affiliate System is built accordingly, especially for the beginner, to be user friendly. It serves as a launchpad for anyone who wants to start their affiliate marketing career. They can use it even if they are new to the concept.

Also, this system offers helpful information and awareness for pro affiliate marketers. This information is rich and deep enough that they can bring value to professionals and newbies as well. It can allow the skilful affiliate marketers to progress their revenue to the next level.

Benefits of the Course

After availing the Super Affiliate System from this link, you will be able to access all the tools immediately. Along with the training resources which are valuable for newbies and skilled marketers. These are the benefits of the course:

Buyers Data

The Buyers Data is a list that you can use to determine and choose your target customer. Traditionally, you have to do this on your own. To do that, it takes a lot of research.

Thanks to John’s Super Affiliate System that already made a list that you can use to aim your customers effectively. It is easy. You just have to assess what kind of product you need to promote and scan the Buyers Data list upon looking at customer demographics.

Ad Templates

Super Affiliate System has ad templates that you can use and edit without beating around the bush. John already provides these so that you don’t need to worry about what template you should use.

You can apply it to various platforms and industries. You just have to drag and drop the appropriate template that you choose, and then you’re ready to go.

Presell Pages

Super Affiliate System also provides you with pre-made landing pages that you can use directly. Getting a third party program that creates your own landing pages could be expensive and would cost you a lot of money.

These pre-built landing pages will assist you to captivate your target customers efficiently and effectively without acquiring any coding or whatsoever. 

Networks VIP Pass

John has established common ground with other affiliate networks. He managed to make a deal that will allow those who join the Super Affiliate System to get accepted easily through these networks. This is perfect if you are striving to broaden and enhance your affiliate marketing. Definitely, it is possible to create a network on your own.

Super Affiliate System; Community Access

A training program without any kind of community or private group included is upsetting. It is because you need to ask some frequent questions to your colleague members to establish a connection.

Some questions are about their experiences. Additionally, making acquaintances will benefit you in the long run. Having a community is great; you can help each other in case you need a quick response.

The Super Affiliate Community is a very active group and has a friendly atmosphere. Members are willing to help you every step of the way. You will never feel outcast in the group.

Live Coaching Sessions Weekly

In addition to the main 6-week training sessions, the course also has live coaching sessions weekly. John Crestani personally hosts it.

This is not a typical training program for internet marketing. John will take the time to teach you personally together with the others regarding affiliate marketing and other aspects.

Getting Started with the Super Affiliate System

First, you have to purchase the Super Affiliate System 3.0. You must have an active website with a domain name. Right after payment, you will be given access to numerous marketing strategies. You will also learn the ways of creating a successful online business, among other perks.

This course is a one-time payment only. Once you have paid $997, you don’t need to pay again for the monthly subscription. The company offers a money-back guarantee that could last up to 30 days. In that way, you can grant a refund just in case you feel that the system is not worth it.

Another great thing about the Super Affiliate System is its user-friendly features. Meaning you are not required to be skilful on the computer. As you log-in to the website, you are ready to go.

System Lesson Plan

Training lessons in the Super Affiliate System span up to six weeks. The lessons are divided into six subtopics.

  • Week 1 

It has all the lessons on how to create an account on multiple platforms and gain your first commission. It consists of setting up ads, affiliate links, and providing tips on how to accomplish this.

  • Week 2

It’s all about identifying the right niche, also, about having the proper mindset to do the business. You will be able to learn how to choose the right ad network and be an expert on it.

  • Week 3

You will start to get advanced marketing skills for affiliate marketing businesses. You will discover how to copy, write, and optimize online content. Marketing involves connecting into the emotions of the customers.

  • Week 4

In this lesson, you will discover how to create Google and Facebook ads. You will also know the ways of assuring your compliance with the constant changes on Facebook. Here, you will understand the different measures that will keep you profitable.

  •  Week 5

Lessons are all about making a successful YouTube ad and generating income from it. You will also learn about native advertising. It also includes information on how to navigate on websites like Taboola and Outbrain to enhance your affiliate marketing business.

  • Week 6

This is the final lesson, wherein you will understand how to scale and automate your business. You will be able to use survey funnels to improve your ads. You will also know the ways on how to boost your sales enormously on a large scale.

Identifying The Right Product and Offers in Market

In regards to affiliate marketing, it’s pretty obvious that we want to make the most of it. We want to maximize affiliate marketing without exerting too much effort. Precisely, the company will show you how to do that.

One thing that determines the success of affiliate marketers in difficulties is promoting their product. Right through the sessions of training, a systematic approach will be given for you to identify which market niche will work for you. You also have to know which can give you high commissions.

As regards to affiliate marketing, more products could sell more than the others. With the correct logarithms and research, you can identify which is the right product that should keep you profitable in the long run.

It also saves more time, since you will be spending less time advertising the product online. You can determine the differences of a low commission to a high commission once you are done with the training sessions.

You will also discover the best programs that would give commissions that are higher than the number of products in cash. That might happen after the owner gets a successful sale.

Recommended Sites

Super Affiliate System suggests more social media sites where the affiliate marketer can post the marketing links. These include the website where the ads are permitted like these following sites:

The system won’t recommend you to send messages on the inbox of each member’s social media account. The aptest way to do this is to make live advertisements on said websites. Despite that, having ads maybe not enough and may result negatively.

The progress will continue. You will be trained on how to customize and optimize your ads to reach the target audience. You will also learn useful tips on copywriting that will generate profit for long periods.

Extra information

Aside from just posting links online, you should know how to build trust with clickable links posted. You must distinguish the legitimacy of the product that you’re about to promote online. That is your responsibility to research so that you can give the correct details in your advertisement.

The best communication skills are necessary to be a successful affiliate marketer. This will be given throughout the course.

Additionally, other than social media marketing, you will deal with lessons on how to create successful marketing surveys that will drive you to successful sales. The survey that is probably created must direct a customer concerning buying a certain product you are promoting.

People who undergo six weeks of training will have access to a live webinar from the company owner, John Crestani. The live webinars are every month, and they discuss various topics that are related to affiliate marketing.

In that said webinar, you will see the latest trends in the business. You are allowed to ask some inquiries in the session. You can ask questions regarding the areas that you don’t understand.

If you missed the live webinar, you could easily retrieve it on the website if you have an active account. It is a great opportunity for you that John can review your marketing approach, copywriting strategies, including the other affiliate marketing approaches.


Live webinars are important as you will be informed about the latest marketing tips. It will support you in promoting different products and businesses. Always remember that affiliate marketing can also be applied to improve your own business. It means that you can work for your website or business.

What Does Super Affiliate System Pro Do?

The company specializes in different types of affiliate marketing businesses. Visitors who come to the website can have a free guide to all that is needed for a successful affiliate marketer. Multiple templates are organized from the beginner level to expert.

This seems like an online marketing content world. The program includes tutorials, landing pages, and email updates—most especially the privilege of access to John Crestani straight through his weekly webinars. The system contains all the tools that are necessary to make you a professional affiliate marketer.

Upon finishing the six weeks of consistent training, you will not just come up as a marketing expert, but also as a trainer who can provide lessons to other future affiliate marketers. It has over 50 hours of video and audio recordings that can improve your skills as an affiliate marketer.

You could also build up the business visionary mentality through the Super Affiliate System. There is basically to gain from the organization regarding sharpening your aptitudes as an entrepreneur. The organization will give you tips to consider for you to effectively recognize the correct way to follow and stay away from conceivable landmines in the business.

We as a whole might want to be effective in the business, isn’t that so? The organization will give you the best possible direction, and preparation will cause you to win your first bonus without a lot of exertion of effort.

You will become acquainted with how to join at least ten subsidiary programs with little or totally no experience needed. You will likely become more knowledgeable about the 24-minute exercise by John Crestani. This will cause you to beat any hindrances that may emerge in your journey in online marketing.

Pros and Cons

All in all, the Super Affiliate System is an excellent package that comes up with the real value to those who avail it. Maybe you are wondering if the super affiliate system is legit, the answer is definitely yes.

Even so, there are positive and negative attributes to this particular course. Let’s check the pros and cons of the Super Affiliate System.


Super Affiliate System has advantages that will benefit you to become a successful affiliate marketer. These are the following:

  • John’s teaching style is good for beginners in paid advertising 
  • A step-by-step process to create an online business with paid advertising
  • Course forum for the members to interact with each other.
  • Advertising techniques by John 
  • Free webinar every week
  • Coaching from other industry experts
  • No email list or required email marketing 
  • Covers ads on almost all the ad networks
  • DFY funnels, ad templates, & targeting data
  • Downloadable landing pages and ad swipe files
  • The useful traffic skill that you can use in the future online marketing endeavour
  • The possibility to see quicker results
  • Reliable customer support
  • Offers a 3-month payment plan


The Super Affiliate System also has its own disadvantages. Though it can’t hide the fact that this program is beneficial, we still put these cons for fairness’ sake.

  • Only one niche and the program is used as an example until the end of the course.
  • Missing information that must be covered in Super Affiliate System: Bonuses
  • Expensive course

Does the Super Affiliate System Work?

The Super Affiliate System is a comprehensive program that provides detailed training on the ways to create successful affiliate systems. Nonetheless, it requires work and application to finish the program and put the strategies outlined in it to the test.

If you scan the Super Affiliate Site, you’ll see the featured reviews and testimonials from marketers who have had impressive results after using the system. However, affiliate marketing isn’t a scheme for getting rich quickly, and neither is John’s Super Affiliate System. You need a lot of dedication, time, and diligence to do that.

How much does it cost?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is accessible for $997. However, you can get it at a lower price here in this link. John proposes a two payment option.

The first is the one-time payment cost of $997, which initially could also be quite expensive, especially for the beginners who are just starting. But don’t worry, you’ll still catch on through a 3-part payment which costs only $397. It’s going to be a touch costly still, but it is recommended, especially if you’re on a pretty tight budget.

It depends on you. If you’re serious about the careers as an affiliate marketer and have the time to implement the strategies provided at Super Affiliate System—then yes, it probably suits you.

Contrarily, if you’ve got a habit of starting things and never finishing them, or are trying to find a get rich quick scheme. Then no, it’s probably not getting a better result. Now that you simply have the within scoop on the Super Affiliate System, you’re better to decide whether this program is for you.

Super Affiliate System may be a company that promotes affiliate marketing whereby the affiliate is given the newest tips, trends within the online business. Affiliate marketing wherein the affiliate participates actively in promoting a product and connecting the merchandise to varied customers online.

The affiliate is rewarded a commission if they successfully achieve getting a customer to shop for a product or service. The website owner, John Crestani, is an expert in internet marketing, business development, Google AdWords, social media ads, and SEO optimization of internet sites.

Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam or Legit?

The Super Affiliate System maybe a 100% Legitimate educational program. Definitely, this is NOT A SCAM because everything it offers is deliberated on the sales page.

John Crestani is a longtime internet marketer that has made a reputation for himself through sheer diligence and determination. Not just that, he also partnered with tons of affiliate networks, which says a lot regarding his legitimate reputation.


Is affiliate marketing profitable?

Affiliate marketing can be significantly profitable. It could be easy if you have a plan. It is possible to make money with affiliate marketing, especially with the help of the Super Affiliate System.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

Affiliate marketing is a rational and flexible sales model that makes multiple incomes. Despite that, this is not easy. To earn money through affiliate marketing, you have to do some work.
You have to research the products, web traffic patterns, and also the customer’s interests. However, with the Super Affiliate System, you can make your affiliate marketing journey easy and less-worry.

Do I need computer skills to start affiliate marketing?

Fortunately, with Super Affiliate System, computer skills are not required to start your affiliate marketing journey. Throughout the training, you will learn everything about the career, and later on, you can be skillful as the professionals.
In this program, John will provide a step-by-step guide to take this course. The content consists of videos that you can watch and where you can learn everything about the affiliate program.


The Super Affiliate System is the simplest and certain ways you’ll start earning money online. Most likely can boost your business. This applies to both newbies and people that might like to supplement their income.

The website is well organized to let you possess a simple time navigating through all the required learning templates. The website has many learning resources also as weekly coaching sessions by the owner, John Crestani.

Are you eager to earn your first commission online? Then this is a kick start of your affiliate marketing journey online. It is the best course that is worth spending!

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