Patriot Wholesale Club Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Welcome to the world of action. But wait!  Go, Check the garage! Needs something else? Go seek and find the Patriot Wholesale Club.

Patriot Wholesale Club

This online store offers a long list of self-defense accessories and much more. This surely makes you feel secure as you go along with an action-filled adventure. For additional information please check and visit the link for more details.

All you just need is a pen and paper. Start listing down things you think you’ll need on your trip. An out of town journey or next mountain-climbing adventure or even camping with fam and friends. Get these amazing tools at huge discounts from here!

A Sneak Peek

Men always wanted the ‘macho’ feel. Action and adventure make and gives them the ‘high’. Proving how a truly “Man” they can be. In doing so, they also long and wanted to own a complete gear of protection every time they go out and seek some adventure.

There is this one online store that caters to their needs, Patriot Wholesale Club. Here you can find useful items, not just items, but sturdy items that everyone is looking for to own. You can also find self-defense accessories that will suit your personality and your budget. 

Get to Know the Patriot Wholesale Club

Patriot Wholesale Club is a trusted, credible, and proven supplier of world standard supplies. It is a Wholesale Direct Store that delivers and caters to office, sports outdoor among many other products. It promises in doing their best to serve and meet customers needs in supplying the best Survival and Self Defense gear in the world

The club as a direct seller has been selling on Amazon since 2014. From then on they were able to establish trust from thousands of customers.

Stability and Customers Trust

The Club aims to provide each customer with the highest standard of service. They also offer discounts to products especially those that sell fast. They strongly believe that Customers’ welfare is always the first priority.

For years, the company remained afloat and even gained not only popularity but also trust. The services that they offer remain customer- satisfaction centered. Products are constantly updated according to customers’ needs and whims.

What Customers Says

Through the years, customers have expressed satisfaction over the products and services the Patriot Wholesale Club delivers. Making the name be a part of the household conversations. Establishing and building more customers over online platforms.

No wonder, the club continuously grows its patronage, and product updating is always in place.

Ads in Place

Ads are as crucial as the products being sold in any business venture. Reviews add to those factors for audience attendance and attention. Customer reviews and feedback is important as it creates more traffic to reach the general viewers. Transactions can be found online via Amazon. and other affiliates that make the products be worthy of attention.

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Products of Patriot Wholesale Club That Await You

Their products include quality Tactical Lasers, Stun Guns, Flashlights XL Stun Guns Batons for self-defence minded individuals. Survival supplies include Survival Cave Foods, Solar Pop up lantern with USB Output, Emergency Survival Safety Respiratory Gas for emergencies. 

Lots more products are also included for people always who wanted to put some action in their boring life. It offers accessories such as  Go Bag for packing needs, a Black Spyder Paracord holding you safely in mountain climbing.

Do not forget to carry an Emergency Sleeping Bag. In case you want to spend a night watching the moon, stars and the calmness of the night

Other Products

Patriots Wholesale Club offers customers a bunch of products to choose from. The product line, as the name of the store claims, caters needs for outdoor activities. Considering the price satisfied customers say and online reviews express satisfaction over the product. Prices are reasonably fair and by far competitive to other online stores.

Afraid of being lost in a hiking activity? Promo Bundles are being offered too. Go Bags is  a definite essential, it is equipped with two Emergency Sleeping Bags, a rechargeable Solar Pop Lantern, a Military Grade Self Defense Tactical Pen w, a sharp bezel just in case, and an Elite Tactical Backpack with American Flag Patch,

Top Sellers

Below are some of the products that sell like ‘hotcake’ for its beneficial uses:

  1. Shockwave Torch – uses ultra power  LED bulb giving you the maximum brightness that lasts for 1000,00 hours. No complicated instructions for use, meaning it can be used by anyone 18 years and can be taken anywhere. Click on this link to avail a 50% discount on this product!
  2. Everstryke Outdoor Survival Fire Starter – to light campfires, stoves and it is an excellent tool for camping, survival, and emergencies.
  3. RTIC Food Canisters – a good choice perfect for soup, stew, ice cream, and the likes. It can also serve not only for outdoor activities but also for children’s lunchboxes, road trips, and sporting events.

The above mentions only bestsellers, other products are out for you to explore on their page.

Bonus and Discounts

Offered also are bonuses and discounts for products. Discounts vary from depending on the sale date. Offers usually are done during special days and holidays. Discounts range and given on a  specific date and time.

Some More Questions

One may question how Wholesale Club brings its products to the customer’s doorsteps. The answer is proper management of the parcel to be delivered, packing,  and the system of delivery in customer’s doorsteps. You can always ask about the business community, Business Profiles, nature of complaints, business licenses, and customer service.

Customer Care

Associated with business especially in the service sector, care should be given to costumers so as to maintain  a harmonious rapport:

  • Questions and inquiries about the store products are answered by telemarketers. Strictly NO ROBOTs.
  • Processing of orders is within 1-2 business days. No deliveries on weekends or holidays
  • Calculations of shipping charges will be displayed at check out.
  • A confirmation email will be in place including the tracking number in 24 hours
  • For damaged product shipping carrier is responsible


How to join the Patriot Wholesale Club? 

Joining the club is as easy as 1-2-3. Just like in any online web page create an account and browse on their products.

What is the Patriot Wholesale Club’s coupon?

It provides members with exclusive discounts and mouth-watering deals to customers.

How to apply for a Discount Code in Patriot Wholesale Club?

First, add the product to your cart and go to the check out page, click on Get Coupon Code in ‘ Gift Cards and Promotional Code column. Finally, check if the coupon was applied to the product of your choice


An overall feeling of security and safety are the three stable features of the Club. It can be said that their main products are all for personal as well as family use.

7 thoughts on “Patriot Wholesale Club Review 2022 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!”

  1. Rec’d billing for 3 items onn Dec 20, 2020 and ordered nothing.
    There is no number to call and discuss this with you so we are canceling payment asap.

    Did’nt join Club in Dec and don’t appreciate lack of contact info.

  2. I am being charged a monthly fee that I was told would be taken off! I have been charged $39.97 for three months in a row! Every time I call I get a busy signal. Very frustrating!

  3. They’ve been hitting me for $39.97 for the last 3 or 4 mos. I emailed these fools but I don’t know if they have responded as I am searching right now to see if they have or not . My next move is the BBB where they are very familiar with them .

  4. I was asked to answer a survey about the service of the Patriot Wholesale Club. As an incentive to fill out the survey, a series of “gifts” were listed after completing the survey. One of the item was a vehicle Dashboard camera which I selected.
    I received the Dashboard camera, but to my surprise, when I received my credit card statement, I was billed $79.99 for the Dashboard camera. I will never deal with Patriot Wholesale club in the future because they are not a reparable company.


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